Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bioethics and counterterrorism

"Off Topic. I'd like to see a post on ethical issues being dealt with from a Christian perspective such as IVF, stem cell research, cloning and the current controversy of torture for protection and good of the country. Others are welcome as well."

On the question of bioethics, John Frame has a couple of good articles:

On the question of "torture," I've blogged on this topic on several occasions. Here are a couple of representative posts:

In addition, William Vallicella also did a couple of perceptive posts on the same subject:

I believe that Shawn McElhinney, a Catholic blogger, also has some good material on the same general topic:


  1. Anonymous:

    Frame also has a book on medical ethics which I found pretty helpful.

    WTS bookstore
    has it for just $7, plus shipping.

  2. Thanks Steve.