Monday, September 04, 2006

Green v. Layman

At 6:28 PM, September 04, 2006, Layman said...

As for the historical value of Acts, I understand that you refuse to consider my arguments on the subject because I am a Christian, but perhaps you should read Peter Kirby, atheist architect of, who helpfully provides this devestating rebuttal of Vernon Robbins theory on Acts. You could also read Kirby's analysis of Acts which lead him to the conclusion that it was likely written by a companion of Paul in the first century.

Of course, forgive me for thinking that I have provided the most thorough discussion of Acts' genre available online, which is at least worth a look (if you prefer html, an older version is hosted by my good atheist friend Kirby on his site, here). I directly engage Richard Pervo's theory of genre classification. I discuss Robbins as well, though in less detail, referring readers to my article on the subject but more importantly to Kirby's thorough refutation.

But if you are more comfortable reading only those who confirm your skepticism, no one can force you to do otherwise.


  1. Tell me when I'm supposed to be covinced... and of what.

  2. Proof-reading one-liners, perhaps?

  3. Evan -

    I can't seem to get onto Veritas Redux at all. Are you working on updating it? Is that why it is down?

    Or perhaps it is a problem on my end?