Friday, September 08, 2006

Beckwith brouhaha


An already divisive controversy over a tenure denial at Baylor University appears to be getting even uglier.

Last spring Francis J. Beckwith, 45, an associate professor of church-state studies, was denied tenure despite a long list of publications and a recent teaching honor.

It was Mr. Beckwith's teaching, not his scholarship, that was criticized in his tenure denial. He was accused of disregarding the curriculum and using the classroom to spread his Christian views — a charge he denies.


Imagine that—a professor of church-state studies at a Baptist university using the classroom as a platform to promote the Christian faith.

This insidious Christian agenda is something we need to nip in the bud before all our Christian institutions of higher learning are corrupted by the looming specter of Christian theology.

Under no circumstances can we allow their Christian identity to be compromised by professors who think the classroom is a place to promote a Christian worldview.

Thankfully, his superiors had the integrity to see what was at stake and stamp out this pernicious influence—just as they had to do in the case of Bill Dembski.

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  1. LOL. No doubt their state funding would be in jeopardy if they allowed such proselytising to go on under their roof. Some students must have complained.