Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Violin music please!

John W. Loftus said:

“ Do you respect Dr. Paul Copan? He and I have had the same educational experiences. We both studied under Craig, both graduated from TEDS and both attended Marquette University. He is giving the Dr. James D. Strauss Lecturship at LCS this year, of which I was among the founding students who started those series of lectures, of whom Craig, Moreland and Jaki have been invited to speak.

I don't find you ridiculing him, and the reason is because you agreed with him, that's all. I find you're arguments weak, and your attempts to refute me as laughable. Oh, I'm sorry, that you cannot find what entry to look up in the ABD (which I have on a CD, so there are no pages, but you might try "Cosmology/Cosmogany", and if you don't know which verses of Genesis in Walton's Commentary to look up (Try Genesis 1-2) then I'm sorry for the lack of scholarship you DO NOT exhibit.

This is a sorry piece of argumentation, and I'm sorry for thinking I could have a reasoned discussion with you. I can't. And maybe you're doing this so that I won't respond and allow you to go on your merry ways, unaffected by what I might offer in rebuttal. If that's what you want then you got it.

I refuse to lower myself to your level anymore.”

Hi John.

That was very moving.

But it would be even more effective if you’d repost it with a violin accompaniment in the background. Maybe the intro to “Addio del passato” from La Traviata.

How could I ever forget that John Loftus is A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!!!!

If you don’t believe it, just ask him!

So you think that just because you and Paul Copan attended the same school, you should be treated with the same deference?

Sorry, but the logic of this escapes me.

Both Bill Lane and Ted Kaczynski were Harvard grads. Does that mean I must be as respectful to the Unabomber as I’d be to my old college prof.?

I don’t wish to hurt your feelings, John, but I happen to think that Jesus Christ is even more important than you are.

Maybe this is why John Loftus an apostate. To be a Christian you must resign all pretensions to self-importance.

Over at the DC, you and your fellow renegades ridicule the Christian faith—not to mention the scorn you all heap on Christian commenters at your site.

Like so many unbelievers, Loftus has no capacity for self-criticism.

Am I the only one to notice that John Loftus talks like a man undergoing a midlife crisis?

He’s always pulling the faded laurels of his abortive career in Christian education out of his keepsake drawer to show everyone he can arm-twist into the attic.

What’s he going to show us next—his high school yearbook?

Who’s he trying to impress, anyway?

A non-Christian will be unimpressed with what he was (a Christian) while a Christian will be unimpressed by what he is (a non-Christian).

Observe the way he weasels out of giving the page reference for Walton. He’s the one who set himself up for this trap, not me.

As to lowering yourself to my level, you’re half-right. I’m a bottom-feeder.

But you’re a bottom-feeder too.

I’m a nobody, and you’re a nobody.

Craig is a somebody.

I’ll never be Bill Craig, and neither will you. You’re just a nobody of a somebody—the student of…

That’s a how a small-timer like Loftus tries to get a piece of the action—by introducing himself at the party as a friend of so-and-so.

Welcome to the bottom of the pond, Loftus.


  1. then I'm sorry for the lack of scholarship you DO NOT exhibit.

    What scholarship did Jesus exhibit?

  2. Grown men whining and throwing sand in each other's eyes in the sandbox that is blogging...

  3. Hi Steve,

    Do you really think you're going to prove anything to these apostates? They are willfull self-deceivers and do not want to learn. What do you hope to gain by devoting your time to them instead of to the Lord? I will pray for you, and for the lost before it is too late for them. But by expending so much of your precious energy on infidels, you are doing exactly what they want you to do.

    In Christ,
    Marianne Apfelburg

  4. Hi Marianne:

    I'm not Steve, Steve is quite a bit more verbose than I and better educated. However, if I may I'd like to point out something. Steve, in answering back to these "apostates" and "willfull self-deceivers" is doing a service to those of us who deal with these types of people too. I for instance have learned more regarding how to answer these types of questions posed to me from Steve than I have from some of the "other apologists" I've read. So while he may not prove anything to them he is educating a fellow brother in Christ on how to answer those questions.

    In doing so he is devoting his time to the Lord by provening that belief in anything besides God is just plain foolishness.

    And really if the infidels really want him to prove them wrong so many times isn't Satan's house now divided against itself?

    yours in Christ


  5. Well Steve, that's it. I'm gonna call your Mama. I've had it with you, Mr. Insensitive. Don't you know who I am? Did I mention that I studied under William Lane Craig? I went to TEDS for a whole semester man, I don't have to put up with this....

  6. Further, I notice that Loftus can't spell. Now, Loftus, old chap, you have been caught pretending to have read a book when, in truth, you're simply using someone else's reference.

    Loftus, a part of scholarship is citing references that can be easily checked. Otherwise, simply admit that your source was a quotation in another book.

    Tomorrow I post a bibliography on Highland Host's site, where I'm caretaker.