Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dawson's broken record

Dawson Bethrick continues his valiant efforts to resuscitate his cartoon analogy (“See, I told you so!”). Unfortunately for him, a crash cart has little effect on a cadaver.

There’s nothing new in his latest post. Bethrick likes to repeat himself. I do not.

All he’s done this time around, which is all he ever does, is—on the one hand—to hustle his trademark equivocations while—on the other hand—ignoring my nuanced position.

So it’s another strawman argument. He reiterates the same equivocations regarding his own position while disregarding the qualifications I’ve built into my own.

Dawson is a man with a bad idea. But because it’s the only idea he has, he’s very proud of his bad idea. It may be a bad idea, but it’s his bad idea, and that makes all the difference.


  1. I know it's not stictly legitamate, but I think Paul Mantana ought to know that Mark Cote has deleted all his answers.

    He's deleted mine, too, which I thought was a bit harsh.

  2. yes, but I copied and saved all of them.

    I'll make a post where I paste the dialogue and then point out the utter fear of the average internet atheist of having a rational discussion, where he must think hard.

    This is on topic with Steve's post since Dawson is just such an atheist, though many confuse writting a lot with thinking a lot.

  3. Paul, old chap,
    you wouldn't happen to have any copies of mine, would you? It's just I didn't do as you did, being an inconsistent enough Calvinist to retain a faith in human nature.

    Ho hum. I even answered his question and quoted chapter and verse. But I've got no proof, as it's all gone missing, so for all anyone knows, I'm lying.

    And that hurts. For what it's worth (precisely nothing), among them were large chunks of John, chapter 10, Acts 13:48, and Romans 9. As my name suggests, I'm an emotional soul (Hiraeth= Welsh for 'deep longing for home'), and I'm a little bit hurt.

    Still, I suppose dear Cote must be, too. still, I'm looking forward to the post.

  4. Hiraeth,

    I'm afraid your posts were already deleted when i copied the thread.

    When I got the "feeling" that he might delete the thread I copied it. I just looked at my file and did not see any of your posts, but saw a response of him to you. So I assume that yours had already been deleted by that time.

    I'll be sure to mention you in the post as another Calvinist (inconsistent or not! :-) ) who Mark chose to run from rather than interact with.

  5. Thanks, old man.
    It's a pity people like Mark have to put their fingers in their ears and hum instead of talking.