Thursday, June 29, 2006

What makes a miracle miraculous?

“And once we concede that we do not know what methods or how the miracles occurred, how can we say that miracles even happened at all? Perhaps it was a natural event. Or perhaps the authors did not understand what was occurring and inadvertently attributed it to a supernatural, rather than a natural event.”

i) This is a disingenuous objection on Dagood’s part. For one thing, he happens to think that Scripture is full of reported miracles. That’s if, anything, the leading reason he doesn’t believe in the Bible. If miracles are unbelievable, and the Bible is full of reported miracles, then the Bible is unbelievable. So he clearly has his own methodology for deciding what would count as if miracle, if only to discount it.

ii) Some miracles are “natural” events. What makes them miraculous is the uncanny timing of the event, or series of events, or the extraordinary relation between two otherwise ordinary events, such as life and death (e.g. the Resurrection).

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