Sunday, June 25, 2006

PCA General Assembly Overture Against Auburn Ave. Theology Adopted

To my knowledge, those who either espouse or sympathize with the Federal Vision are also distinguished by their high-church polity and criticism of free-church ecclesiology for what they deem to be an absence of accountability structures.

We therefore welcome this opportunity for Kevin Johnson, Paul Owen, Tim Enloe, Doug Wilson, Andrew Sandlin, Steve Wilkins, Rich Lust, and James Jordan, among others, to express their catholicity and public solidarity for the disciplinary measures of the PCA General Assembly concerning the Federal Vision and its proponents.


  1. And of that list how many are in the PCA synod again?

  2. One doesn't have to be in a particular denomination to support the general principle of church discipline or an accountability structure, does one?

    Isn't that what these guys advocate? Isn't its absence, rather than presence, what they find fault with in various denominations?

    If the OPC defrocked a minister for adultery, shouldn't the PCA support the OPC's action?

  3. Is this a sop to 'complainers' ...or a serious investigation of major doctrinal error ?

  4. Well Steve (nice picture btw did you know you look like Archibald Leach?) i agree that supporting the general principle of church discipline or accountability shouldn't be limited to the denomination that you are currently a member of or non-member of. However, I'm afraid my natural pessimism regarding the FV group comes out. After all what did the RPCUS response to the AA 2002 conference really accomplish? (Besides the recognition of heresy 1 Cor. 11:19)

  5. Your pessimism may be well founded!

  6. My general point is that if supporters of FV respond by saying, "that's their denomination, not our denomination," then they've abandoned catholicity and are doing what they accuse the free-church movement of doing. Back to individualism.

  7. Steve, I saw that the GA adopted the erection of a FV/AA study committee, is this what you were refering to? Or were there other actions taken that I missed.

  8. Unfortunately I was outside the assembly hall schmoozing with some old friends when this was discussed, but to my knowledge the Suncoast Presbytery's overture against Auburn Ave was not adopted - it was subsumed with all of the other overtures regarding the Federal Vision, New Perspective and Norman Shepherd in the adoption of a resolution to form a study committee on these matters. As far as I know judicial process was not instituted against either Steve Wilkins, Auburn Ave, or their session. But, I am trying to find out more details.

  9. Dear Brothers,

    I don't wish to argue here, but I want to assure you that (rightly or wrongly) I am not a high-churchman and I do not criticize the free-church tradition, for the simple reason that I tend to endorse it (without supporting pure independency).

    So, I believe it is incorrect to include me in the list of FV men far above in the original post. I am not an FV supporter and never have been.

    Feel free to disseminate this comment if it will help.

    God bless each of you.

    In Him,

    P. Andrew Sandlin