Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Upcoming Movie About Mary And Jesus' Birth

BK of the CADRE Comments blog has linked to this story about an upcoming movie on Mary and Jesus' birth.

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  1. "The most striking thing about Mary's story is that she never gets to choose her own path. Her future is dictated by everyone else; her father tells her she will marry Joseph, and it's not like God asked Mary for permission before she's impregnated. Mary's future is simply thrust upon her and she bears her burden with dignity, faith and fortitude. Obviously, this story, unlike a more conventional narrative, can't have Mary rejecting her call only to rise to the occasion later. Her path is pretty straightforward. I can't help but note that even Jesus had a moment of doubt in the garden of Gethsemane but not Mary. She gets nervous and confused but never truly wavers."

    I wonder why the author of the review 'can't help but note'. Probably because it's not like God asked his permission to cause him to say such silly things.