Saturday, May 20, 2006

Southern Baptists and Landmarkism Part 1

Recently, I have published a booklet on the history of Landmarkism in the SBC in the lead-up to the Convention in June. There are only 1000 copies in print due to the printing being donated by an individual in a local church, and they are being distributed by other individuals throughout the SBC. Therefore, in order to make the full text available to as many as wish to read it, not just "the chosen few," whoever they may be (I honestly know of only a handful of those who have received it), I am posting the content on a separate URL.

For those interested, you can read it here:

I am posting it a bit at the time and will endeavor to have it completed by sometime next week.


  1. GMB: Your Part 1 of Southern Baptists and Landmarkism is interesting - sort of!

    Question: Is Bob Ross of Houston being consulted by you in your research for this booklet? It is said by BR to be one of his several
    subjects of interest.

    Press on - literally!

  2. I agree with SCRIPTURE SEARCHER...


    But who is Bob Ross?

  3. Bob Ross is a furry-headed painter...isn't he???

  4. Jeremy,

    He's on about the other Bob Ross, Bob L. Ross.

    I know who left those 2 comments and he's just being a naughty boy today.