Monday, May 29, 2006

Logan's Run

Joe Holman, of the debunkers, lays out his worst-case scenario:

“But I am afraid of her...I'm afraid of one day waking up to a nation where the education departments promote creationism along side evolution, lumping superstition in with science.”

It’s very revealing how many Darwinians have so little faith in Darwinism. They don’t believe that Darwinism can survive a little bit of intellectual competition.

“I'm afraid of our nation having to one day face greater difficulties because of religiously influenced leaders and commanders who feel compelled to put our soldiers in harm's way out of the Christian compulsion to keep helping the Jews fight their wars, while it costs the lives of our boys in green.”

I’m sure that David Duke would appreciate Joe’s trenchant analysis of the war effort.

“I'm afraid of getting out of bed one day to find a government that has reverted back to oppressive edicts and judgments, like 'Blue Law Weekends' and other unwanted products of biblical influences.”

Yes, back to the bad old days when stores closed on Sunday. Imagine how oppressive it was when parents were forced to spend some quality time talking to their kids one day out of the whole week because the shopping mall was closed.

“I'm afraid to think of all the lives that will be lost if Christianity and her proponents continually stand against stem cell research and other developments of the vital sciences out of foolish superstitious paranoia.”

What’s the hard scientific evidence that embryonic stem cell research will save many lives?

“I'm afraid to one day open my eyes to find censorship increased and freedom of speech hemmed in, resulting in a greater stifling of liberty.”

Funny. All the campus speech codes and hate speech legislation are hailing from the liberal end of the political spectrum. The ACLU has become the leading lobbyist for prior restraint and content discrimination.

“I'm afraid to think of the loads of psychological damage inflicted by parents, pastors, and counselors, upon the kids and young adults in their care, who impose the damaging and restricting principles of New Testament morality and sexuality on their minds.”

Yes, back to the bad old days when a man had to marry a woman and actually provide for her in case he got her pregnant—instead of slapping a C-bill in her hand to be serviced by the local abortionist—like putting your car through the automated car wash to be hosed down, vacuumed out, and ready for reuse.

And let us hope that NAMBLA will be able to abolish the prudish old age of consent.

“I'm afraid to think that the right-wingers will one day get their wish and have abortion banned.”

Why is Holman so afraid of putting abortion up for a vote? After all, female voters outnumber male voters.

“Forcing many handicapped children into lives of despair.”

Yes, it’s better to kill people than care for people.

Do handicapped children lead lives of despair?

I’m afraid that Holman was born in the wrong time and place. He missed his true calling in life as a Nazi eugenicist.

“And bringing more unneeded human lives into this world, weakening it.”

Nietzsche could not have put it any better.

Come to think of it, the graveyard is full of needless people. After all, everyone dies sooner or later, yet the world keeps on ticking.

Which reminds me—is Joe a needed commodity? Couldn’t the world get along just fine without him? Really, he just a drag on the system. A parasite.

“I'm afraid of growing old and one day being incapacitated by a stroke, and finding others having to wait on me, hand and foot, since euthanasia would be outlawed.”

No doubt he’d prefer a world like Logan’s Run where everyone over 30 is euthanized.

So much better than one of those oppressive societies in which parents are expected to care for young children, while grown children are expected to care for aging parents.

“This is why I am afraid of Christianity.”

I understand. Life would be so much better if the world were one big concentration camp with Peter Singer as the commandant.

Thanks, Joe, for reminding us of the secular alternative to old-fashioned Christian morality.


  1. “And bringing more unneeded human lives into this world, weakening it.”

    This reminds me of some good, old literature: "If they are going to die, they better do so quickly, and decrease the surpluss population."

  2. "... Christianity and her proponents continually stand against stem cell research and other developments of the vital sciences out of foolish superstitious paranoia"

    Wait til the next time a scientist claims to have isolated the "gay gene" -- then we'll see how principled the atheists are in their devotion to Unfettered Scientific Truth and Individual Choice ahead of "paranoia"...

  3. You guys are like taking the best apologetics course offered and getting it for free.

    Of course it would be nice if you had a RSS feed to this site.

  4. I think his point is okay, to be honest.