Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Debunking liberal Jew-haters

A few days ago, Joe Holman published a hatchet job on Christianity. It was set up as an invidious contrast between Islam and Christianity, in which Christianity came out as bad or worse than Islam.

But in the course of wielding his hatchet, Holman dropped a classic anti-Semitic comment.

I believe that I was the first blogger to draw attention to this smear.

It was also picked up by a secular Jewish blogger.

To make matters worse, Daniel Morgan came running to the defense of Holman. And Holman, instead of retracting his comment, went on the defensive, and thereby dug himself in much deeper with even more anti-Semitic stereotyping.

Ironically, we now have a debate between an ex-Christian Jew-hater and a secular Jewish Christophobe. The ex-Christian is anti-Jewish while the secular Jew is anti-clerical.

Holman’s anti-Semitism is not an anomaly. The Left has been anti-Semitic for years now.

The European elite signed a suicide pact with the Muslim world a long time ago. We increasingly witness the emergence of Eurabia, along with the concomitant resurgence of Continental anti-Semitism and anti-clericalism.

When I was a kid, growing up in the Sixties, there were no Palestinians—only Arabs. There was no conflict between Jews and Palestinians or Israelis and Palestinians: only a conflict between Israel and the Arab world.

What is more, Israel was the good guy.

So, where did all the Palestinians come from? Were they cloned?

And when did Israel become the bad guy?

Well, as I recall, this happened almost overnight when Yasir Arafat, the granddaddy of modern-day terrorism, succeeded in completely rewriting the history of the conflict.

Arafat was Egyptian, but somehow he managed to convince the “world community” that there was such a thing as a “Palestinian people,” whose land was being “occupied” by Israel.

It was a remarkably successful PR job. Several factors made this propagandistic about-face possible:

1.For all its multicultural rhetoric, the Left would rather talk about other cultures, talk to other cultures, talk at other cultures, and talk on behalf of other cultures, rather than listen to other cultures in order to learn from them.

2.With its watered down Marxism, the Left assumes that the winners are the bad guys and the losers are the good guys. In its paradigm of class warfare, the underdog is oppressed by the powerful.

Of course, the liberal establishment exempts itself from this paradigm.

As long as Jews were either defenseless or dead, its heart went out to Jewry. But when Jews fought back, liberal sympathy was transferred to the plight of those poor old “Palestinians.”

3.The Left only cares about feeling good, not about doing good. Liberals feel good about themselves by living vicariously—by adopting and patronizing the social mascot du jour. Because this is nothing more than a radical chic fashion, the Left quickly becomes bored with one cause, and drops it for the latest fad.

The Left loves the black cause as long as blacks play their assigned role as Sidney Poitier in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Mannerly and groveling.

But uppity black conservatives like Condi Rice are demonized.

It loves women as long as women play the part of angry victims.

4.The Left also prides itself on being contrarian by going out of its way to take the wrong side of every issue. It oozes empathy for pedophiles and cop killers and jihadis.

This is a badge of liberal sophistication. Behind its gated communities, the Left can afford to be merciful to the merciless.

For his part, the “Jewish Freak” has yet to figure out who his real friends and enemies are. He’s caught in a time warp of pogroms, crusades, and inquisitions.

If Holman is trapped in a past that never was, the “Jewish Freak” is trapped in a past that no longer is.

This has give rise to the oddest mutation of all—the self-hating Jew, personified by the likes of Michael Lerner and Noam Chomsky.

Left to its own devices, secular humanism will turn on its own kind, while Islam will administer the coup de grace.

The only salvation for Jew and Gentile like is in a Jewish Messiah.

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  1. Having grown up in the 1960s also, and remembering that Arafat was a despicable scumbag on the same level or worse than Osama Bin Laden, I was amazed to see how he was converted into some kind of humanitarian Nelson Mandela type of figure by the liberal media. Fidel Castro is another example of the same thing.