Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why illegals should be illegal

Those opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants often say that we should not reward lawbreakers by making them citizens.

This, however, is a poorly-reasoned argument. After all, those who support amnesty or an open border policy want to change the law. To appeal to the law when the law is the very point in contention begs the question.

The issue is whether there’s a good reason to have strict border control. What’s the problem with illegal immigration?

Off the top of my head, here are some of the problems:

1.Illegals don’t pay income tax, whether state or federal. Yet they suction off social services. We subsidize their public education. We subsidize their visits to the ER and the maternity ward.

And the “we” who are footing the bill are middle-class wage earners. The poor don’t pay income tax, and the rich evade income tax through tax shelters.

Middle-class wage earners cannot afford to support their own families when they are supporting illegals and other freeloaders.

2.The porous Southern border funnels violent street gangs into our municipalities.

3.The porous Southern border funnels the narco trade.

4.Illegals murder Americans with impunity, knowing that if they cross back into Mexico, the Mexican gov’t won’t extradite the suspect of a capital offense.

5.There’s a disproportionately high criminal element among illegal immigrants.

6.Illegals are a major source of voter fraud.

7.Illegals rob native-born Americans of blue-collar jobs. Not every American has a college degree. And there’s nothing wrong with manual labor.

8.If those who lobby for amnesty were really so concerned about the plight of the illegals, why aren’t they doing anything to reform the Mexican economy?

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  1. Looking at what happened to the Romans when they allowed easy means of citizenship to strengthen the army is another reason. They allowed nearly anyone to become a citizen and shortly after the Roman Empire fell.