Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sicilian sign-language

I noticed a few days ago that Jim Lippard did a post on Antonin Scalia’s chin-flicking gesture.

According to Lippard, this is an obscene gesture.

Since I’m not conversant with all the nuances of Sicilian sign-language, I can’t say one way or the other.

But one wonders what the point of his post was. Does Lippard, an atheist, regard obscenity as immoral?

Or is he insinuating that Scalia is a hypocrite?

In Catholic moral theology, obscenity is not a sin. Profanity is a sin, but not obscenity. That’s why Dante feels free to use obscenity in the Inferno.

I’m also reminded, in this general connection, of how liberals accused Bill Bennett of hypocrisy because he likes to gamble.

But, once again, gambling is not a sin in Catholic moral theology.

I’m no friend of Catholicism.

But liberals are just as ignorant of Catholic theology as they are of “fundamentalism.”

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  1. I call it both hypocrisy and completely inappropriate behavior for a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

    The words and expression are both obscenity and profanity under current definitions of the words; it's not profanity in the sense of being blasphemous or sacrilegious.

    You forgot to mention the part where Scalia also lied about the meaning of the gesture and words he used.

    The verbal expression he used suggested that his critics be anally penetrated.