Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Texas Baptist Crucible

James Spurgeon, aka, the Howling One, aka, a contributor Here, Here, and Here has finally published The Texas Baptist Crucible.

You may order a copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

For a preview see Tales From the Temple.

See here:


This brand of Landmark Baptistry tends to engender bondage in its followers. Pray the Lord uses this book constructively to free many.


  1. Interesting... before I became Reformed I was a Landmark Baptist.

  2. Well,

    I have some acquaintances who are Landmark. They are pretty reasonable. In fact, about all we disagree upon is Baptist successionism.

    On the other hand, there are some out there that condemn anybody to hell who is not Landmark. I have a paper in my files from 1994 that says that only Calvinists are saved and, of those, only Landmark Baptists baptized in Calvinist Baptist churches have a valid baptism and are members of true churches.

    From what I read from James' book, these are Arminian Landmarks, but these the height of easy believism, lording pastoral authority over the flock, reporting huge numbers of "decisions" as genuine conversions, etc. On top of that, their KJVO. When it coms to Landmarkism, apparently this brand more or less says that only churches established by folks in their particular lineage are true churches. Basically, they would be the epitome of the dark side of fundamentalism. It's actually very sad to see.

  3. hey genembridges, thanks for the ad (and also the good comments at TeamPyro and other places).