Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Strange Baptist Fire: Coming Soon!

We have a new blog coming soon: “Strange Baptist Fire.” Basically, the purpose of this blog is to have an official response to the material that the anonymous folks at BaptistFire are putting up on their site, with a desire to present truth to “fence-sitting” Southern Baptists that might frequent BaptistFire. I will be posting on this site, joining some of your favorite bloggers like Gene Bridges, Nathan White, Timmy Brister, Dustin Segars, and possibly some others! Keep your eyes open for more details!

Evan May.


  1. Very cool, it'll be a nice treat to see the materials they post addressed specifically.

  2. It will be good to see that there will be a central place that the stuff, and I use that word to be nice, they write will be addressed. I had not been to the site in a long time but went there today and all that I can say is that I was amazed at the consistently misleading, at least when it comes to the Doctrines of Grace, articles they write.

  3. Very good work guys!

    May God let a tremendous Reformation sparkle!


  4. I've already added it to my favorites!

  5. Hey Evan, I’m looking forward to tackling this thing with you. I’ve reserved a domain though: www.StrangeBaptistFire.com

    Oh, and all you readers out there, try to keep it a little on the ‘DL’ for about a week or so. We don’t want the anonymous writers of baptistfire to get wind of our idea…they might try to call down fire from heaven or something :)