Friday, October 07, 2005

The lay of the land

Here's an interesting little breakdown on support for or opposition to Miers:

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  1. You're right, that is interesting. Especially since I don't have much, if any, respect for any of those people's ability to make a decision like this. Particularly Bush, Cheney, Dobson, Colson, Hutchison, Hannity, and Cornyn; all of which have been consistant and bitter disappointments as conservatives, and dobson and colson as evengelicals, let alone in the political arena.

    I'm not all that thrilled with a lot of the people that are against her either, but those that are for her certainly don't inspire confidence.

    Not that who likes or dislikes her as a candidate means a hill of beans to me, nor should it to anyone else. The question here is not whether we want to associate with the people making up one side or the other, but is she the right person for the job.