Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fundie hicks


This guy thinks that fundie hicks like Vern Poythress and John Frame are "philosophically sophisticated" exegetes.

--Jonathan Prejean


Prejean is an able man, so it’s sad to witness his slide into obscurantism.

1.Both Frame and Poythress hold advanced degrees from Ivy League institutions (Harvard, Yale, Cambridge).

2.”Fundamentalist” is a term with a specific historical meaning. It’s a pity that Prejean indulges in the same sloppy, ahistorical usage as the liberal pop media.

3.I’m not a fundamentalist myself, but I don’t use it as a term of abuse. Fundies like Bock, Block, and M.H. Harris, and Hoehner are currently producing some of the finest Bible commentaries available.

Fundies like *Blomberg and the late Gleason Archer have done yeoman work in defense of the inerrancy of Scripture.

And if Prejean is using “fundie” in a broader sense, then the list of eminent fundie scholars is far longer.

*As a premil Baptist I assume he’d qualify as a “fundie” in Prejean’s eyes.


  1. If John Frame is a "fundie hick", I'm going to start walking around barefoot and chewing Skoal longcut.

  2. I second Frank’s emotion and add Poythress. However, I’ve always preferred Red Man Golden Blend to Skoal longcut. My stomach could never handle dip, but chew is just fine.

  3. I'm with centuri0n on this one. Time to break out the banjo and JD.

    oh brother!

  4. Don't worry. In time, the unofficial Roman Catholic apologists will be coming around with Skoal Bandits telling us how to really dip and chew. Then the Reformed Catholics will tell us we've got the tobacco on the wrong side of our mouth while at the same time telling us either side is okay.

    Get out the spittoon.

  5. Here is an intelligent Catholic response to the UK story:

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