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Read any good books, lately?-2

X. Countercultism

_Armstrong, J., ed. Roman Catholicism (Moody 1994). Best general post-Vatican II critique.
_ Baker, D., ed. Biblical Faith & Other Religions (Kregel 2004).
_Beckwith, F.(ed.), See the Gods Fall (College Press 1997). Best general contemporary treatment.
_____, The New Mormon Challenge (Zondervan 2002).
_Beckwith, R. Elders in Every City: The Origin & Role of the Ordained Ministry (2003).
_Berkouwer, G. The Conflict with Rome (Baker 1958). Erudite critique from pre-Vatican II perspective.
_Berlinski, D. The Secrets of the Vaulted Sky: Astrology and the Art of Prediction (Harcourt 2003)
_Blomberg, C. How Wide the Divide? (IVP 1997). Tends to shade the differences, but Blomberg's material is useful.
_Bowman, R. Jehovah's Witnesses (Zondervan 1995)
_Brown, R. et al eds. Mary in the New Testament (Fortress 1978).
_Caird, G. Our Dialogue With Rome (Oxford, 1967). Erudite critique by NT scholar and Congregationalist.
_Caner, E. Unveiling Islam (Kregel 2002).
_ Carter, S. & D. Groothuis, eds. Dictionary of Contemporary Religion in the Western World (IVP 2002).
_Chaudhuri, N. Hinduism: A Religion to Live By (London 1979). By an erudite Indian secularist.
_Corduan, W. A Tapestry of Faiths: Common Threads Among the World’s Religions (IVP 2002). Evangelical. Good coverage.
_____, Neighboring Faiths (IVP 1998).
_Cunningham, W. Discussions on Church Principles (Still Waters, 1991). Useful critique of Romanism.
_Edwards, P. Reincarnation (Prometheus1996).
_Fairbairn, D. Eastern Orthodoxy Through Western Eyes (2002).
_Fregosi, P. Jihad in the West (Prometheus 1998). Secularist.
_Gabriel, M. Islam & Terrorism (Charisma House 2002)
_____, Islam & the Jews (Charisma House 2003)
_Garrett, D. Angels and the New Spirituality (B&H 1995)
_Hoekema, H. The Four Major Cults (Eerdmans 1963). Reformed.
_Kenny, A. A Path From Rome (Oxford, 1985). By an ex-priest and philosopher.
_Kidd, B. The Roman Primacy to AD 461 (SPCK, 1936). Historical exposé.
_Lampe, P. From Paul to Valentinus: Christians at Rome in the First Two Centuries (Fortress 2003).
_Larson, S. Quest for the Golden Plates (Freethinker Press 1996). Exposé of Mormon archeology.
_Leeming, G. (ed.). Towards Christian Unity (Oxford, 1967). Good essays by Packer and Caird.
_ Letham, R. Through Western Eyes: Eastern Orthodoxy: A Reformed Perspective (2007).
_Lewis, B. The Crisis of Islam (Random House 2003).
_Lloyd-Jones, M. The Basis of Christian Unity (IVP 1962). Broadside against ecumenism.
_Margoliouth, D. The Early Development of Mohammedanism (AMS 1979). Witty and erudite exposé of Islam.
_Metzger, B. "The Jehovah's Witnesses and Jesus Christ," Theology Today (1953), 10:65-85.
_ Miller, E. & K. Samples, The Cult of the Virgin Mary: Catholic Mariology and the Apparitions of Mary (Baker 1992).
_Mozley, J. The Theory of Development (New York, 1879).
_Nazir-Ali, M. Islam: a Christian Perspective (Westminster, 1983). Written by a Pakistani Christian and Anglican bishop.
_Netland, H. Encountering Religious Pluralism: The Challenge to Christian Faith & Mission (IVP 2001).
_North, G., Unholy Spirits (Dominion Press 1986). Exposé of the occult. A tad gullible. North is a brilliant but erratic writer.
_Preus, R., Justification & Rome (CAP 1997). Traditional Lutheran.
_Rahner, K. Visions and Prophecies (Herder & Herder 1963). Catholic.
_ Ross, H. et al. Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men (NavPress 2002).
_Schatz, K. Papal Primacy: From Its Origins to the Present (M/G 1996).
_Spencer, R., Islam Unveiled (Encounter Books 2002).
_____, Onward Muslim Soldiers (Regenary 2003).
_Stamoolis, J. ed. Three Views On Eastern Orthodoxy (2004).
_Svendsen, E. Evangelical Answers (Reformation Press 1999).
_____, Who is My Mother (Calvary Press 2001).
_Trifkovic, S. The Sword of the Prophet (BHB Int. 2002).
_Von Döllinger, I., The Pope and the Council (Boston, 1870)
_Vos, J. A Christian Introduction to Religions of the World (Baker 1965). Dutch-Reformed.
_Ware, T. The Orthodox Church (1997).
_Warraq, I. Why I am not a Muslim (Prometheus 1995). Secularist.
_Watt, W. The Faith and Practice of Al-Ghazali (Allen & Unwin, 1967). Spiritual autobiography of Islam's leading thinker. Recounts his crisis of faith.
_Whitaker, W., A Disputation on Holy Scripture (Still Waters, n.d.).
_Wills, G. Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit (Doubleday 2000).
_Ye'or, B. Islam & Dhimmitude (Fairleigh Dickinson U 2001)

XI. Epistemology 101

_Alston, W. A Realist Conception of Truth (Cornell 1997). Important and astute defense of alethic realism.
_____, Beyond Justification (Cornell 2005). Tries to recast the terms of the debate.
_____, Divine Nature & Human Language (Cornell 1989), Useful, but suffers from some libertarian concessions.
_____, Perceiving God (Cornell 1993). Astute defense of argument from experience.
_____, Realism & Antirealism (Cornell 2003)
_____, The Reliability of Sense Perception (Cornell 1996)
_Frame, J. Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (P&R 1987). A reconstruction of religious epistemology in light of Scripture. A groundbreaking work.
_Helm, P. Faith & Understanding (Eerdmans 1997). An exploration of the Anslemian epistemic tradition.
_____, Faith with Reason (Oxford 2000). On faith and assurance.
_____, Objective Knowledge (IVP 1989). Critique of post-modernism, relativism.
_____, Varieties of Belief (Allen & Uwin 1973). Comparative historical Christian epistemology.
_Marechal, J. Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics (Benziger Brothers 1927). Transcendental Thomism.
_Mavrodes,G. Belief in God (Random House, 1970). Shifted debate from abstract arguments to the real reasons people believe.
_____, Revelation In Religious Belief (Temple U 1988)
_Meek, E., Longing to Know: The Philosophy of Knowledge for Ordinary People (Brazos Press, 2003). Influenced by Michael Polanyi.
_Pike, N. Mystic Union (Cornell 1992)
_Plantinga, A. Warranted Christian Belief (Oxford 2000). His magnum opus on "Reformed Epistemology."
_Polyanyi, M. Personal Knowledge (Chicago 1958).
_____, The Tacit Dimension (Routledge 1967). Updated version of Newman's illative sense.
_Wolsterstorff, N. Divine Discourse (Cambridge 1995). Critique of post-modernism.
_____, Thomas Reid & the Story of Epistemology (Cambridge 2000)
_Young, W. Foundations of Theory (Craig Press 1967).

XII. Bible 101

1. Canonics

_Beckwith, R. The Old Testament Canon of the New Testament Church (Eerdmans 1986). The standard-bearer.
_Bruce, F. The Canon of Scripture (IVP 1988)
_Desilva, D. Introducingn the Apocrypha (2004).
_Ellis, E. The Making of the New Testament Documents (Leiden: Brill 1999).
_____, The Old Testament in Early Christianity: Canon and Interpretation in Light of Modern Research (Baker 1992).
_Gamble, H. Books & Readers in the Early Church (Yale 1995).
_Hengel, M. The Septuagint as Christian Scripture (2002).
_Jobes, K & M. Silva, Invitation to the Septuagint (2005).
_Metzger, B. An Introduction to the Apocrypha (1977).
_____, The Canon of the New Testament (Oxford 1987)
_Roberts, J. & Du Toit, A. Gude to the New Testament, Vol. I (Pretoria, 1989).
_Sailhamer, J. Introduction to Old Testament Theology: A Canonical Approach (Zondervan 1995).
_Trobisch, D. Paul’s Letter Collection (QWP 2001).
_____, The First Edition of the New Testament (Oxford 2000).

2. Hermeneutics

_Beale, G. & D. A. Carson, eds. Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament (2007).
_Carson, D. Exegetical Fallacies (Baker 1996)
_Fee, G. & Stuart D. How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth (Zondervan 1993)
_Longman, T. Making Sense of the Old Testament (Baker 1999)
_____, Reading the Bible with Heart & Mind (NavPress 1997)
_Poythress, V. God-Centered Biblical Interpretation (Zondervan 1999)
_Pratt, R. He Gave Them Stories (Wolgemuth 1990)
_Schreiner, T. Interpreting the Pauline Epistles (Baker 1990)
_Stein, R. A Basic Guide to Interpreting the Bible (Baker 1997).
_Thiselton, A. Interpreting God & the Postmodern Self (Eerdmans 1995).
_VanGemeren, W. The Progress of Redemption (Academic Books 1988).
_Vanhoozer, K. ed. Dictionary of Theological Interpretation of the Bible (Baker 2005).
_____, Is There a Meaning in This Text? (Zondervan 1998).

3. Veracity

_ Aalders, G. The Problem of the Book of Jonah (Tyndale 1948).
_Alexander, T. From Paradise to the Promised Land (Baker 2002). Emphasis on thematic unity of the Pentateuch.
_Allis, O. The Old Testament (P&R, 1972). His magnum opus.
_Archer,G. (Moody 1994). A Survey of Old Testament Introduction. Strong on inerrancy, weak on creation.
_____, Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties (Zondervan 1982). Archer is a great scholar. Useful material. Rather wooden grasp of harmonization. Blomberg is more nuanced.
_Barnett, P. Is the New Testament Reliable? (IVP 1986). Anglican scholar and Classicist.
_____. The Birth of Christianity: The First Twenty Years (Eerdmans 2005).
_Bauckham, R. Jesus and the Eyewitnesses (Eerdmans 2006).
_____, The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple (2007).
_Blomberg, C. The Historical Reliability of John's Gospel (IVP 2001)
_____, The Historical Reliability of the Gospels (2007).
_ Bruce, F. F., The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? (1984).
_ Carson, D. A. & D. Moo, An Introduction of the New Testament (Zondervan 2005).
_ Casey, M. An Aramaic Approach to Q: Sources for the Gospels of Matthew & Luke (Cambridge 2002).
_____, Aramaic Sources of Mark’s Gospel (Cambridge 1998).
_Comfort, P. (ed.). The Origin of the Bible (Tyndale 1992). Excellent collection of essays.
_Currid, J. Ancient Egypt & the Old Testament (Baker, 2001).
_ Garrett, D. Rethinking Genesis: The Sources & Authorship of the First Book of the Pentateuch (Mentor 2000).
_Guthrie, D. Introduction to the New Testament (IVP 1990). Standard conservative introduction. Detailed.
_Harris, R. Inspiration and Canonicity of the Scriptures (A Press, 1995). Interesting analysis of prophetic office.
_Helm,P. The Divine Revelation (Crossway Books 1982). Philosophical defense of Scripture. Only weakness is the plausible, but specious assumption that evidentiary arguments must cut both ways.
_Hemer, C. The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History (Eisenbrauns 1990). Erudite.
_Hengel, M. The Four Gospels & the One Gospel of Jesus Christ (SCM 2000). Moderate. Useful material.
_Hess, R. Israelite Religions (2007).
_Hoffmeier, J. Israel in Egypt (Oxford 1996).
_____, Ancient Israel In Sinai (Oxford 2005).
_Hoffmeier, J. & A. Millard, eds. The Future of Biblical Archaeology (Eerdmans 2004).
_Hurtado, L. The Earliest Christian Artifacts (2006).
_Kaiser, W. & D. Garrett, eds. Archaeological Study Bible (Zondervan 2006).
_Kim. S. The Origin of Paul's Gospel (Coronet 1984).
_Kitchen, K. On the Reliability of the Old Testament (Eerdmans, 2003). Moderate. Useful material.
_ Köstenberger, A. Encountering John (Baker 2003).
_Lightfoot, J. Biblical Essays (Baker, 1979). Definitive Victorian essays in defense of Scripture.
_Linnemann, E. Historical Criticism of the Bible (Baker 1990). Convert from liberal to Evangelical faith.
_Long, V. et al., eds. Windows into Old Testament History (Eerdmans 2002).
_Long, V. The Art of Biblical History (Zondervan 1994).
_Marshall, I. Luke: Historian & Theologian (Zondervan 1989).
_Mauck, J. Paul on Trial (Nelson 2001)
_Metzger, B. The Text of the New Testament (Oxford 1992). The standard work.
_____, “Methodology in the Study of the Mystery Religions and Christianity,” Historical & Literary Studies: Pagan, Jewish, & Christian (Eerdmans 1968), 1-24.
_____, The New Testament: Its Background, Growth, and Content (Abingdon 1983).
_Millard, A. Reading & Writing in the Time of Jesus (NYU 2000).
_____, “Zechariah Wrote (Luke 1:63),” The New Testament in Its First Century Setting, P. Williams et al., eds., 47-55.
_Mitchell, T. The hbible in the British Museum: Interpreting the Evidence (2004).
_Neuer/Yarbrough, Adolf Schlatter (Baker 1995).
_Provan, I. et al., eds. A Biblical History of Israel (WJK 2003).
_Robinson, J. Redating the New Testament (SCM, 1976).
_____. The Priority of John (Meyer-Stone Books 1987).
_Stonehouse, N. Origins of the Synoptic Gospels (Baker, 1979)
_Tov, E. Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible (Fortress 1992)
_Walton, J. Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament (Baker 2006).
_Wegner, P. The Journey from Texts to Translations (Baker 2001)
_Wenham, J. Christ & the Bible (IVP 1973)
_Winter, B. (ed.). The Book of Acts in its First Century Setting (Eerdmans/Paternoster 1993-96)
_Wiseman, J. & E. Yamauchi, Archaeology & the Bible (1979).
_Yamauchi, E. Africa & the Bible (Baker 2000)
_____, Jesus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Socrates, Mohammad (IVP 1972).
_____, Persia & the Bible (Baker 1990)
_Young, E. Thy Word is Truth (Eerdmans, 1981)
_Zahn, T. Introduction to the New Testament (Kregel 1953). Moderate-to-conservative by the most erudite 19C NT scholar of his generation.

XIII. Ethics 101

_Adams, R. Finite & Infinite Goods: A Framework for Ethics (Oxford,1999). Philosophical theology.
_Ames, W. Conscience (Still Waters, n.d.). Classic of Reformed casuistry.
_Bahnsen, G. Homosexuality: A Biblical View (Baker 1979). Theonomic.
_Baxter, R. A Christian Directory (Soli Deo Gloria, 1990). Concerned with cases of conscience.
_Chamblin, J. Paul & the Self (Wipf & Stock 2002). Reformed.
_Davis, J. Evangelical Ethics (2004).
_Feinberg, P. & J. Feinberg, Ethics for a Brave New World (1993).
_Fox, F. & D. Virtue, Homosexuality (Emmaus Ministries 2002). Evangelical Anglican. Goes into the gory details of the so-called homosexual "lifestyle."
_Frame, J. Medical Ethics (P&R, 1988). Best work in the field.
_____, Perspectives on the Word of God (P&R, 1990). Metaethics.
_Gagnon, R. The Bible and Homosexual Practice (Nashville 2001). Definitive.
_Geach, P. The Virtues (Cambridge 1977). Thomistic.
_Harrison, R. Encyclopedia of Biblical Ethics (Testament 2003)
_Henry, C., Wycliffe Dictionary of Christian Ethics (Hendrickson 2000).
_Hoekema, A. The Christian Looks at Himself (Eerdmans 1975)
_Hughes, P. Christian Ethics in Secular Society (Baker, 1983). Evangelical Anglican.
_Johnson, P. Intellectuals (Harper & Row 1988). Exposé of unbelievers.
_Jones, E. Degenerate Moderns (Ignatius 1993). Excellent expose except for the hatchet-job on Luther.
_Jones, S. & Yarhouse, M. Homosexuality: The Use of Scientific Research in the Church's Moral Debate (IVP 2000)
_Kaiser, W. Toward Old Testament Ethics (Academie 1983)
_Lovelace, R. Homosexuality: How Should Christians Respond? (Wipf & Stock 2002).
_Murray, J. Principles of Conduct (Eerdmans 1957). Focus on creation-mandates.
_Packer, J. A Passion for Holiness (IVP 1992). Focus on Puritan ethics.
_Prigg,D. Getting It Straight
_Rushdoony, R. Politics of Guilty & Pity (Thornburn 1978)
_Schmidt, T. Straight & Narrow? (IVP 1995)
_Sears, A. & Craig Ostenm C. The Homosexual Agenda (Broadman 2003).
_Waltke, B. Finding the Will of God (Eerdmans 2002). Iconoclastic.
_Wold, D. Out of Order: Homosexuality in the Bible and the Ancient Near East (Baker 1998).
_Wolfe, C. (ed.). Homosexuality & American Public Life (Spence 1999).

XIV. Occult/Paranormal

_Amoroth, G. An Exorcist Tells his Story (1999). Catholic
_____, An Exorcist: More Stories (2002).
_Beekman, S. Enticed by the Light (1997).
_Braude, S. The Limits of Influence (1986). Secular.
_____, ESP & Psychokinesis (2002).
_____, Immortal Remains (2003).
_____, The Golden Leaf Lady (2007).
_Decker, R. & Michael Dummett, A History of the Occult Tarot (2002).
_Findlay, A. Demons: The Devil, Possession and Exorcism.
_Fontana, D. Is There An Afterlife (2007). Pluralistic.
_Gauld, A. Mediumship & Survival (1982).
_ Goodman, F. How About Demons? (1988).
_ Houran, J. & R. Lange, eds. Hauntings and Poltergeists: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (2001).
_Koch, K. Christian Counseling & Occultism (1972). Evangelical.
_____, Demonology: Past & Present (1973)
_____, Occult ABC (1986).
_____, Occult Bondage & Deliverance (2006).
_ Kselman, T. Miracles & Prophecies in Nineteenth-Century France (1983).
_Lane, A. ed. The Unseen World: Christian Reflections on Angels, Demons and the Heavenly Realm.
_Lloyd-Jones, M. Healing & the Scriptures (1988). Evangelical.
_ Lester, D. Is there Life After Death? (2005).
_Martin, M. Hostage to the Devil (1992). Catholic.
_McAll, K. A Guide to Healing the Family Tree. Evangelical.
_____, Healing the Family Tree.
_Montgomery, J. ed. Demon Possession: Papers Presented at the University of Notre Dame (1975). Evangelical.
_Montefiore, H. The Paranormal: A Bishop Investigates (2002).
_ Paterson, R. Philosophy and the Belief in a Life After Death (1995).
_Peck, M. Scott. Glimpses of the Devil (2005). Protestant.
_Radin, D. Entangled Minds (2006). Secular.
_Richards, J. But Deliver us from Evil (1974).
_ Sabom, M. Light & Death (1998). Analysis of NDEs from a Christian scientist.
_ Stoeber, M. & H. Meynell, eds. Critical Reflections on the Paranormal (1996).
_ Storm, L. & M. Thalbourne, eds. The Survival of Human Consciousness: Essays on the Possibilities of Life After Death. (2006).
_Twelftree, G. In the Name of Jesus: Exorcism Among Early Christians (2007). Moderate evangelical. Heavy on redaction criticism.
_Unger, M. Beyond the Crystal Ball (1974). Evangelical.
_____, The Haunting of Bishop Pike: A Christian View of the Other Side (1971).

XV. Church History

1. Primary Sources:

_Philo, Therapeutae
_Josephus, Jewish War
_____, Antiquities of the Jews
_Luke, Book of Acts
_Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History
_Isidore, Chronica Majora
_Jerome, On Illustrious Men
_Bede, Ecclesiastical History of the English People
_Pilgrimage of Etheria
_Socrates, The Ecclesiastical History of Socrates
_Sozomenus, The Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen
_The Bordeaux Pilgrim
_Anna Comnena, The Alexiad
_Theodoret, The Ecclesiastical History of Theodoret
_Michael Psellus, Chronographia
_John Zonarus, Epitome of History
_Beza, Life of Calvin
_Knox, Reformation of the Scottish Church
_William Bradford , Old Plymouth Plantation (1620-1647)
_Cotton Mather, Magnalia Christi Americana
_John Witherspoon (Works)

2. Secondary sources:

_Aland, K. A History of Christianity (Fortress 1986)
_Berkouwer, G. A Half Century of Theology (Eerdmans 1977)
_Bratt, J. Dutch Calvinism in Modern America (Eerdmans 1984)
_Brown, C. Christianity & Western Thought (IVP 1990)
_Bruce, F. New Testament History (Doubleday 1980)
_____, The Spreading Flame (Eerdmans 1995)
_Cairns, E. Christianity Through the Centuries, (Zondervan, 1996).
_Cameron, N. Biblical Higher Criticism and the Defense of Infallibilism in Nineteenth Century Britain (Lewiston, 1987).
_Chadwick, H. The Church in Ancient Society (Oxford 2001)
_Chadwick, W. The Victorian Church (London 1966-70).
_Cunningham, W. The Reformers & the Theology of the Reformation (Banner of Truth 1967).
_Ferguson, E. Backgrounds of Early Christianity (Eerdmans 2003)
_Gonzalez, J. The Story of Christianity: The Early Church to the Present Day (Hendricksen , 2001).
_Himmelfarb, G. The Demoralization of Society (Knopf, 1995).
_Hughes, P. Theology of the English Reformers (Eerdmans 1965).
_Kelly, J. Early Christian Creeds (Longman 1989)
_____, Early Christian Doctrines (A. C. Black 1977)
_Kroner, R. Speculation & Revelation in the Age of Christian Philosophy (Westminster 1959)
_____, Speculation & Revelation in Modern Philosophy (Westminster 1961)
_Landow, G. Victorian Types, Victorian Shadows (RKP 1980).
_Latourette, K A History of Christianity (Prince Press 2000).
_____, Christianity in a Revolutionary Age (Longdon 1959-63)
_Marsden, G. Fundamentalism & American Culture (Oxford 1993)
_____, Reforming Fundamentalism (Eerdmans 1987)
_____, The Soul of the American University (Oxford 1996)
_Murray, I., Evangelicalism Divided (Banner of Truth 2000).
_Noll, M. The Old Religion in a New World (Eerdmans 2001)
_____, The Rise of Evangelicalism (IVP 2004-)
_____, America's God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln (Oxford 2002)
_____, American Evangelical Christianity (Blackwell 2000).
_Schaff, P. History of the Christian Church (Eerdmans,1979).
_Sell, A. Defending and Declaring the Faith: Some Scottish Examples (1860-1920),(Exeter, 1987).
_____. Dissenting Thought and the Life of the Church (Mellen, 1991).
_Sheldon, H. History of the Christian Church, (Hendrickson 1996).
_Shelley, B. Church History in Plain Language. (Word, 1995). Topical rather than chronological.
_Schlossberg, H. The Silent Revolution & the Making of Victorian England (Ohio, 2000).
_Toon, P. Evangelical Theology, 1833-1856: A Response to Tracterianism (Knox, 1979).
_Torrance, T. Scottish Theology: From John Knox to John McLeon Campbell (T&T Clark, 1996).
_Verduin, L. The Anatomy of a Hybrid: A Study in Church-State Relationships (Eerdmans 1976).
_Wells, D. Reformed Theology in America (Eerdmans 1985)
_White, H. Southern Presbyterian Leaders 1683–1911 (Banner of Truth 2000).
_Wiles, M. & M. Santer, Documents in Early Christian Thought (Cambridge 1979)
_Yamauchi, E. Pre-Christian Gnosticism (Baker 1983)

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