Sunday, December 19, 2021

A Video Of The McGrews And Others Discussing Christmas Issues

Than Christopoulos recently hosted a good Christmas program on his YouTube channel. There were several guests: Tim and Lydia McGrew, another Tim (I don't know his last name), Erik Manning, Bram Rawlings, Lucas (I won't use his last name, since he doesn't use it in the video and may not want it mentioned), and Michael Jones. They made a lot of good points about the historicity of a traditional Christian view of Jesus' childhood and the supposed pagan roots of Christmas.


  1. Wait, what? Michael Jones was not there during the approx. hour that I was there. Did he come on in the second hour?

  2. Oh, okay, I see he was only there for a few minutes, after both Tim and I were off. I just didn't know.

  3. On the 27th, Bram will be back on Than's channel to discuss authorship issues.