Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Men Checking out of College

The Wall Street Journal today has an article called "A Generation of American Men Give Up on College".  In it, we find such statistics as: women make up 59.5% of college students today.  In fact, for the 2021-2022 school year, 3,805,978 women applied to colleges compared to just 2,815,810 men.  That's just under 1,000,000 more women than men, despite the fact that men actually make up 51% of the college-aged population in the US.

White it is true that women have a higher enrollment rate than men for nearly every racial and economic group, the most impact is found in the lack of white men enrolling.  As the article states, "Enrollment rates for poor and working-class white men are lower than those of young Black, Latino, and Asian men from the same economic backgrounds." Given the demographics of the United States, the fact that white men aren't even bothering to enroll in college while white women are is enough to result in the numbers we see.

The article goes on about how perhaps there needs to be support groups for men too, despite the fact that the objection has been, "Why would you give more resources to the most privileged group on campus?"  I find it ironic that the article actually quotes this without realizing the quote itself gives the reason why white men aren't going to college.

After spending K-12 being told that you are responsible for all that is evil in the world for free, why would you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be told the same thing for four more years?  Higher education made an environment intentionally focused on preaching hatred of white men, and now they discover that white men don't want to be there.  Insert surprised Pikachu face here. Furthermore, why would anyone willingly subject themselves to such psychological abuse when the classes taught in universities have, by and large, made a university degree completely worthless anyway?

You want a specific demographic to show up in a place? Start by not hating them. A lesson that can be applied in all areas of your life too, if you really want to.


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    1. I seriously doubt that is a concern for the vast majority of people. School shootings as a whole are relatively rare, and tend to be gang related at high schools more than someone rampaging at a college/university. Besides, taking all gun deaths together (including suicides), and you're still more likely to die in a car accident than from being shot, and I don't see that many people terrified of going to college because they might get in a car accident. If someone's more scared of a school shooting than they are of squeezing a red light, they don't understand statistics anyway.

  2. If you insist on sharing your immaturity and resentments from past blog posts, then I won't be engaging your posts any longer. Hope you feel better soon. If you give me your home address I'll send you a box of tissue to dry your eyes.

  3. If taken consistently (and one of the features of critical theory is a complete an utter lack of consistency), then clearly society is sexist and racist since white men are having worse outcomes than other races and the opposite sex. I'm also not sure how I feel about using that because it can come off as if I'm granting the premise that equal outcomes are the expected and/or desired outcome, and any deviation is evidence of something being wrong.

    Seeing the theory try to coincide with the reality reminds of some comments where Bezos' ex wife was giving money to leftist "Christians" to support explicitly non-Christian positions. There were people in the comments saying how these groups that were opposed to Christianity needed the money to fight against those oppressive Christians...which weren't being given millions of dollars by a billionaire, and who one can attack with impunity without repercussion. But the group being attacked with more resources than the other is the oppressive one.