Monday, August 02, 2021

The Impossible Achievement

U.S. Women's Soccer has accomplished the impossible. They have made the majority of red-blooded Americans cheer for a women's soccer team.

It was the Canadian soccer team, but still...

Come Thursday, when the US Women's Soccer team goes to play for the Bronze, Americans will proudly cheer on the Australian team.

One cannot diminish the massive impact of what U.S. Women's Soccer has done.  Virtually any sports team representing their country would have the support of the majority of their country, so the fact that they got nearly everyone to cheer their failure truly is an achievement.

Then again, one can hardly say this was a "sports team representing their country".  That's why I can't just say, "When the US goes to play for the Bronze." Because they do not represent our country. They represent themselves.  

Perhaps that's why the country didn't support them in return.

Rapinoe famously went on a crusade a mere four years ago to eject Jaelene Hinkle from the team because Hinkle is an evangelical who refused to play in a scrimmage after U.S. Soccer required players to wear a rainbow jersey in it. That makes it all the more delightful that Rapinoe just lost to a Canadian team that has a transgender player on it.

Megan Rapinoe once famously yelled, "I deserve this!"

Yes.  Yes you do.


  1. Have we discovered your undercover identity as a writer for the Babylon Bee?

  2. Agree with TheFlyingCouch. Thought I clicked on the Babylon Bee. Who is this "majority of red-blooded Americans"?

    By red-blooded do you mean conservatives? If so where is this majority?

    1. Followup: Searched Jaelene Daniels on Twitter and the only prominent recent tweet is *of course* by Gabe Hughes...

    2. Seeing as her career ended some time it going to be surprising there's not much on Twitter about her?

      You remind of the atheist who woodenly reads the Bible in order to score points. "Ha, a contradiction, I'm supposed to answer the fool according to his folly AND NOT at the same time!?"

    3. 1) Every true Scotsman knows "red-blooded Americans" on the internet means everyone who agrees with me.

      2) Although in this case, it also means everyone who is to the right of where the Republican party will be in 10 years.

      3) You searched on Twitter? That's like searching a forum called "Everyone Who Likes Nickelback Will Be Banned" and being shocked that you didn't find anyone who liked Nickelback. Twitter actively promotes one message while suppressing the other and even banning people who voice their disallowed opinions.

      4) In any case, it's not like most people know her name. I had to look it up just to write the post here. The vast majority of people commenting on it are along the lines of: "Rapinoe? Isn't she the one who got the Christian kicked off her team?" Most people know the event, not the name of the person involved.