Friday, July 23, 2021

Some recent apologetics resources

Sorry I've been away! I've just been so busy with "normal" life. I'm still busy and "away", but I do like to pop in for a couple of quick posts when I can.

This is just a brief post about several apologetics resources I've recently benefited from that I thought others might benefit from as well:

Bible Trek. A picture is worth a thousand words. And Andrew Ollerton treks across Israel and other biblical lands and shows us these places in person. He offers brief informative talks as he does so too. Ollerton has a PhD in historical theology from the University of Leceister in the UK.

Esther O'Reilly. Esther O'Reilly is a pseudonymn for an incisively intelligent and witty woman with an illustrious pedigree. She discusses all sorts of things, but I believe first made her name with essays on public intellectuals like Jordan Peterson and Doug Murray. O'Reilly has a PhD in mathematics from a school that shall remain nameless.

James Bejon. Not entirely sure how to describe what Bejon does. He offers fascinating insights into the Bible in the vein of guys like James B. Jordan, Peter Leithart, and Alastair Roberts. Bejon is a researcher at Tyndale House in Cambridge, UK. He has a background in math and music, but he's working on his PhD in OT.

Mark Ward. Ward primarily discusses Bible translation and Bible design. Ward has a PhD in NT from Bob Jones University. He works for Faithlife, which produces the Logos Bible.

Parker's Pensées. Long form interviews and deep dives into the philosophical and theological with Parker Settecase. Parker asks perceptive questions to various intellectuals. He is working on a masters degree in theological studies at TEDS, though maybe he has finished now.

Sean McDowell. Lots of great interviews with notable Christian scholars. Sean is the son of Josh McDowell. Sean has a PhD in apologetics and worldview studies from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He's an associate professor at Biola/Talbot.

Truth Unites. Gavin Ortlund's YouTube channel. He's brother to Dane Ortlund (who recently published a fine Puritan-esque devotional Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers) and Eric Ortlund (an OT prof at Oak Hill College in the UK). Interesting that Gavin is a Baptist, Dane is a Presbyterian, and Eric is an Anglican (I think). Gavin did his PhD in historical theology at Fuller. He has great admiration for Anselm. His channel most reflects his interests in historical theology. Gavin serves as a pastor in California.

What Would You Say. I believe WWYS is affiliated with the late Chuck Colson's ministry. As such, it is about Christian apologetics, but it has a noticeable political bent as well. The videos are relatively concise (~5 minutes or so).


  1. Parker’s channel deserves as many subscribers as Capturing Christianity. He does the same, very important work, but is much more theologically grounded than Cameron.

    1. Absolutely! I think Parker's Pensées is probably my favorite of the channels I mentioned in this post. :)

      I've watched a lot of Cameron's interviews on Capturing Christianity, and I almost included his channel, but you put it well: he's not as "theologically grounded".

    2. My favorite as well! I’d also glance at “The Analytic Christian” if you get a chance. Interviews a lot of good people & asks the right questions.

      Btw, I apologize for the comments doubling. Not sure why that happened. :)

    3. Cool, thanks for mentioning the Analytic Christian, Lucas! I didn't know about that channel but I'll make sure to follow it now thanks to your recommendation! :)

      Haha I figure the double comments are good because having two comments emphasizes or underscores how good Parker's channel is! :)

  2. Hi, Hawk. Glad to see you back! Thanks for posting these resources.

    Is there a way I can contact you via email? I have some questions I'd like to ask you. I know you're busy and on something of a hiatus, so if not, I understand.

    1. Hey BPL! Thanks for the kind words. :) Oh yeah, please feel free to email me at rockingwithhawking at gmail. I'll try to respond if I can be helpful, though yeah things are a bit busy unfortunately to say the least, but still I do hope I can help!

    2. Thanks! I really appreciate it! Just sent the email. :)