Friday, July 16, 2021

Good thing the infallible Pope is able to correct the mistakes of the former infallible Pope so Catholics can be certain of their traditions

 Pope Francis abrogates Pope Benedict's universal permission for Old Mass

“Previous norms, instructions, permissions, and customs that do not conform to the provisions of the present Motu Proprio are abrogated.”

I stand along with the Traditionalists in faith that sometime in the next thousand years a Pope will instruct us that Pope Francis is abrogated, so you can go ahead and get the jump on that future proclamation by ignoring Pope Francis now.  Imagine being a Protestant and not having such certainty.  I shudder to think.


  1. If you read the comments section of the thread linked above, you get these examples of John 17:21 in action:

    "This Pope is a heretic and filled with the Antichrist spirit. I will no longer pray for his soul."

    "EWTN and Ave Maria Radio are surely trying to figure out how to explain this away as merely a misunderstanding from a dear loving tender Holy Father."

    "The traditional Catholic faith is the opponent of the anti-church. And also the opponent of the NWO. Alone we would not stand a chance. But with Jesus we will be triumphant - nothing is more certain than that!...In response to a declaration of war, you can whine, surrender - or fight."

    "Such a truly sad day, but this Pope is showing who he really is and he is not Catholic….Jorge Bergoglio is more than likely a gay man. All he preaches and represents and believes points to that well as his very effeminate way of speaking and his mannerisms."

    "Many good Catholics do and will fall into this trap, as evidenced by the pathological trad wars we witness in our midst, and the NO-TLM war that is going to do nothing but get nastier. The betrayal of the faithful in China was merely a prelude to what is coming."

    "The Remnant of the one true Catholic Church is now officially here, and the Church of Man has declared war on her, the bride of Christ."

    1. I wonder if Catholics will try to escape the implications by saying that Benedict's position was not ex cathedra. I don't know if that's feasible far as I know, it was a pope, teaching as pope on a matter of faith and/or morals.

    2. Yes, it's said to be "disciplinary, not dogmatic." So *teeechnically* it doesn't call papal infallibility into question. But it does make it clear in that case that it ends up being practically irrelevant. Apparently despite the fact that this is "disciplinary, not dogmatic," faithful Catholics are supposed to obey it and not seek out an "underground" Latin Mass that doesn't have (at least) permission from the local bishop. That, in deference to the authority of the pope. But nonetheless the pope, they admit, might be imprudent and (let's say it) *wrong* (morally?) in making this executive order, and that doesn't call into question his infallibility, since it is "disciplinary, not dogmatic." Have we all got that straight, now?

  2. Looks like the Sedevacantist are going to get a bump in membership.

  3. Ah yes but you see it's like an acorn, etc. etc.