Sunday, July 25, 2021

Craig Keener And Michael Brown On Their Upcoming Commentaries

Michael Brown recently interviewed Craig Keener. During the course of the interview, both men talked about some Biblical commentaries they're working on, Keener on Mark and Brown on Isaiah. Go here for the beginning of that discussion and here for some further comments during a later segment of the interview. It looks like both commentaries are a long way from being completed, and Keener's should be a multi-volume one.


  1. In Steve's "OT and NT bibliography" there are commentaries that are said to be forthcoming, but still haven't seen the light of day. I wonder if commentaries really just take that long or if some of these projects just fizzle out.

  2. Somewhere around 12 minutes Craig Keener says he's in his home office. That's a lot of books.

    I also find ~20 minutes interesting when he points out that some people claim Paul is referencing mystery religions when he uses certain language mystery cults used, but that's because those people only study that one small area, otherwise they'd know everyone used that language.