Tuesday, January 26, 2021

How big tech became big brother

David Wood:


  1. I feel like this website has gotten quite political for a religion/apologetics blog.

    1. As other apologists (including David Wood) have mentioned: it won't be possible to talk about "religion" or "apologetics" if the (leftist) politicians, mainstream media, big tech, and others keep us from talking about "religion" or "apologetics" through shaming us, censoring us, banning us, "canceling" us, or the like.

      Also keep in mind Triablogue is on Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google. And Google is one of the big tech companies that's threatening to silence voices it doesn't agree with. See Wood's video in this very post for example.

    2. We are living in an authoritarian moment these days. Leftists are becoming increasingly authoritarian. Leftist authoritarians in the Democratic party, the government, the establishment media, big tech, and several other institutions. This has ramifications for our rights and liberties including the First Amendment. If our rights are abridged by authoritarian leftists, then that may curtail the Christian's free exercise of religion too. That said, see what another Christian apologist, James White, says about the times in which we currently live in his Romans 13 talk. I don't necessarily agree with everything here, but my immediate point there are other Christian apologists who likewise recognize the impact the "political" could have on "religion/apologetics" too.