Thursday, September 24, 2020

What Would Your Relatives And Coworkers Think?

"For the people is our master and the great mob; a savage master and a severe tyrant: not so much as a command being needed in order to make us listen to him; it is enough that we just know what he wills, and without a command we submit: so great good will do we bear towards him. Again, God threatening and admonishing day by day is not heard; but the common people, full of disorder, made up of all manner of dregs, has no occasion for one word of command; enough for it only to signify with what it is well pleased, and in all things we obey immediately. 'But how,' says some one, 'is a man to flee from these masters?' By getting a mind greater than theirs; by looking into the nature of things; by condemning the voice of the multitude; before all, by training himself in things really disgraceful to fear not men, but the unsleeping Eye; and again, in all good things, to seek the crowns which come from Him." (John Chrysostom, Homilies On First Corinthians, 12:8-9)

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  1. Great find.
    I think of when Peter denied Christ in Luke 22: each of the three times he begins with “Man!, Woman!, Man!”. Scripture seems to be driving the point home as to whom Peter’s ultimate loyalty lies here. Contrast with what he begins saying in his three affirmations of Christ’s questions in John 21: “Yes Lord, Lord, Yes Lord.”
    His priorities have changed. May God bless us with courage when we are blessed to be His witnesses before men...