Friday, July 10, 2020

Do the Gospels contradict themselves?

"Do the Gospels Contradict Themselves?" (Peter Williams)


  1. Has anyone played one conjecture off of another? I'd ask why didn't all these supposed redactors who were happy to play fast and loose with the text simply remove any of these supposed contradictions.

    1. Yes, I point out that kind of thing pretty often in Hidden in Plain View. It's interesting to see how gerrymandered critical scholarly theories are. So, for example, they will take similarity as evidence of factual and literary dependence and apparent discrepancy as evidence of redaction! But if document A was so strongly dependent on document B, this is some reason to think that the author of A could have avoided apparent contradiction. This is all the more plausible when there are a number of apparent discrepancies or at a minimum places where there is difficulty explaining the fit. Scholars often don't recognize this because they are absolutely committed to the thesis of total factual dependence. They thus cannot recognize evidence of independence when it is right in front of them.

  2. Quick answer: "No they don't."