Thursday, June 04, 2020

Floyd's funeral

On the one hand, it's perfectly fine for hundreds and thousands to attend George Floyd's memorial and funeral services. This includes and will include high profile figures like Al Sharpton and Joe Biden. No doubt these services will be broadcast by almost every major media outlet. You know, for maximum exposure, to ensure the right people can take advantage of Floyd's death for their agenda.

On the other hand, there are hard limits for funeral services for average Americans. In fact, many Americans weren't even allowed to see their loved ones pass away from the coronavirus or other conditions due to these hard limits. Many people died alone. But there's no double standard. /s

Will David Dorn get as much attention? Probably not because he wasn't the right kind of black. He was a police officer. Too blue to be black.


  1. My dad, a veteran, passed in late March. We were "allowed" to have 10 people attend the funeral service, including the graveside service. He died of resurgent cancer.

    On the one hand I'm glad George Floyd's family and friends were able to mourn him without the government intrusion which robbed my dad's extended family and friends of their opportunity to mourn him.

    On the other hand I'm glad my dad's death wasn't hijacked and used as a tool in the hands of unscrupulous bad actors.

    What was the reason my dad's family and friends were barred from mourning him? Why was he not granted the military honors he earned as a veteran who honorably served his country? COVID-19.

    I guess we're not doing COVID-19 anymore, as of about 9 days ago. Quick pivot.

    1. Just wanted to say I'm very sorry to hear you lost your dad, CD. Not to mention he was a veteran. I don't know what to say. :(