Sunday, March 29, 2020

Kowtowing to China

I believe the person interviewed is Bruce Aylward. Of course, everyone knows China is a communist regime led by autocrats who have no problem using heavy-handed, draconian, and even bloody measures against their own people. By contrast, Taiwan is a free and democratic nation like South Korea and like Hong Kong should be.

Also, the role of conservative media in this story:


  1. Is China a communist society? Under communism, the workers seize and control the means of production. In China, control is exercised by a small, wealthy elite. Surely it's what it *is* that matters, not what the label on the tin (in this case, the label of the party) that matters. China is an oligarchy.

    1. Good points, though perhaps we don't have to choose? Perhaps we can say something like China is a nominally communist society that is ruled by an oligarchy that is willing to throw out its communist ideals if these ideals interfere with their self-interests but is willing to use these communist ideals if it advances their self-interests.

    2. As per Animal Farm, looking at most of the examples in history that I can think of, Communism seems to be at best a transitional phase into Oligarchy.