Monday, September 09, 2019

Paper Notice: ETS Annual Meeting - San Diego

I will be giving the following paper at the 2019 Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, November 20–22. Here is the title and abstract of the paper.

 Semantic Boundary Markers in Rev 12:1—15:4 and Structural Implications
This paper analyzes Rev 12:1—15:4, which is a neglected section in the Book of Revelation with respect to semantic boundaries and the implications for the larger structure of the book. This paper encourages viewing this unit as a parenthetical section pausing the judgment narrative at the completion of the trumpets septet, in order for John to develop major participants and events in the cosmic drama. After which, John picks up once again the judgment narrative with the bowls septet in Rev 15:5—16:21. This paper will identify signaling discourse devices in this section that indicate these semantic shifts. First, it is explained why this section's demarcations have not been agreed upon by scholars. Second, the question is explored of how John uses signaling devices to introduce major participants in this apocalyptic episode. Third, the semantic boundary markers are identified establishing Rev 12:1—15:4 as a unified, cohesive section, realizing a strategic function for John’s purpose. Fourth, previous interpreters are surveyed concerning this section as it relates to the larger structure of Revelation. Fifth, a fresh proposal is offered relating the unit to its immediate co-textual units and to the larger structure of Revelation. It should go without saying that no single instance of a discourse marker should be given absolute sufficient weight. It is the cumulative evidence of discourse signals that the interpreter must consider. In addition, some signals are more significant than others so there is a cline of importance.

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