Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Smack talk

I don't know Donald Trump personally, so I don't know for a fact what makes him tick, but I'm struck by how many people take his tweets so seriously. It's my impression that Trump is trolling and talking smack. It's a psychological tactic. And his critics invariably take the bait.


  1. Let's have some cases in point to illustrate.

    - During the debates against Hillary, Trump mentioned that she 'acid washed' her emails. The media quickly got on the case, debunking his claim and explaining that she actually used BleachBit, not actual acidic chemicals.

    - Trump regularly tweets out badly misspelled words when trying to push a message. The media can't resist showing us how dumb he is, and will even point out his bad spelling live on air.

    - Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was spotted with shoes off, feet on the couch in the Oval Office. What's more, a whole group of African American leaders was meeting Trump at that time! What a lack of decorum! We must lambast her in front of our audiences!

    - Kellyanne Conway referenced a 'Bowling Green massacre'. No such terror attack happened. The closest it came to an actual terror attack was two Iraqi refugees who PLOTTED to carry out a terror attack but were foiled by the FBI. Oh and let's keep pointing out what a bimbo Conway is!

    - Trump mentioned something that happened 'last night in Sweden' - when nothing actually happened the previous night. Sure, yet another grenade attack / car burning / rape happened soon after, but Trump was definitely wrong about last night! Trump is such a liar / dummie!

    - The most recent example, Trump tweeted out a statement so full of errors that Dr Robert Epstein had to correct the inaccuracies in multiple tweets. No Trump, I didn't say Google DELIBERATELY manipulated, although it de facto had that result! No Trump, it wasn't 16 million votes swung to Hillary - maybe just like 10 million.

    Notice the same pattern in each case? He knows the media would never help him willingly, so he intentionally puts out some juicy bait in the form of a typo, gaffe or worng factoid. The media cannot resist but to jump on it and publicize his 'stupidity' - which simultaneously broadcasts his larger message to the general populace. (e.g. The smiling black leaders posing with 'racist' Trump in the background of Conway's feet-on-couch faux pas.)

    Some say that Trump plays 4D chess. But with the predictable biased media, he just needs to play checkers to outwit them.