Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Disgruntled VIP customers

I see lots of stuff by disgruntled Catholic apologists. I can't say I'm sympathetic. It's the schizophrenic spectacle of fiercely, slavishly loyal disgruntled customers. 

Seems contradictory, don't cha think? Like customers who patronize the same supermarket. Every time they go there, they find something to complain about. The cashiers are rude. The cashiers overcharge. The sale items are always out of stock. The fruit is overripe, the milk is sour, the eggs are rotten, the bread is moldy, the cookies have rat hairs, the cereal has rat droppings, the meat has maggots. The background odor of urine. 

Yet every week they go back, then complain, then go back, then complain. Disgruntled customers who remain doggedly loyal customers. Even though there are other supermarkets without all the same problems, they wouldn't consider switching supermarkets. They constantly gripe about the establishment they keep in business. Cheat me again! And again! And again! 

A codependent relationship between cynical clerics and starry-eyed laymen. No matter how often the faithful feel betrayed, they come back for more. A perfect racket between chumps and conmen. 

How often do you have to be suckered before you learn from sorry experience? The real source of the problem isn't with the corrupt hierarchy but laymen who play willing dupes. 

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