Wednesday, January 09, 2019

What will the return of Christ look like?

Imagine you're filming the Bible. You get to the Parousia. You have the benefit of CGI. So how do you visually represent the return of Christ? (Yes, Puritans disapprove. This post is not for Puritans.)

I've discussed this before. I'd like to consider it from another angle. Let's say Jesus returns in the Shekinah. He's encased in the Shekinah. Think Ezk 1 & 10. 

One possibility is a vertical approach, where the Shekinah is high in the sky, near the zenith. If it hovers in place, it can be seen night and day. 

Another possibility is more of a horizontal approach, like the sun, moon, or morning star coming over the horizon. Suppose, from where an observer stands, the Shekinah is below the horizon, then appears over and above the horizon as the earth rotates, as if it's (initially) coming towards the observer from across the horizon rather than overhead and downwards. An ascending motion instead of a descending motion. 

We might also consider the role of clouds. ("Coming in/with the clouds".) The most spectacular sunsets and sunrises occur when the sky is cloudy in the east or west, and the sun appears behind or beneath the clouds. When clouds are underlit by the rising sun, before it surfaces above the horizon–or the setting sun, after it dips below the horizon. 

So we might visualize clouds on the eastern horizon underlit by the Shekinah, before coming up and over the horizon. Initially there is darkness. Then first light. Then the clouds flush brighter with variegated hues. And the clouds transmit the light. It floods the eastern sky, as a prelude to the Shekinah cresting the hillside, mountain range, or seascape.


  1. For all we know, God could temporarily rip the globe apart so that it effectively becomes a "flat earth" so that all can see Christ. Earthquakes are associated with the return of Christ.

    Or there might be higher dimensional mathematics and geometry that can explain how all will be able to see Christ. Don't some scientists speculate that our reality might be like a holographic image smeared on a two dimensional flat surface, or something?

    Or with the globe intact, humans might be able to see Christ's return from the other side of the world with our spiritual eyes so that it's like a kind of X-Ray vision. Cameras won't be able to see it through the diameter of the earth, but our spiritual eyes might.

    I also agree that Christ's journey back to Earth might take many hours, days or weeks. That provides plenty of time for the Earth to rotate numerous times for all inhabitants on Earth to witness the 2nd Advent. Also, I suspect that the brightness will affect all of the universe. So that no matter where you are on Earth, you'll see the glory of Christ, even if you can't see Him as the source of that brightness if you're on the other side of the Earth.

  2. I often wonder about whether the riding of a horse. Is it literal? Or a metaphor. Down through the ages conquerors announce their arrival on a white horse.

  3. As for everyone being able to see an event happening just above the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, I presume that everyone on Earth will see it because everyone these days has a smart mobile/cell phone.

    The second coming will be seen by everyone on the internet.