Friday, October 19, 2018

The Fatima legend

The second part of the book is more interesting. The authors examine the evolution of the Fatima legend, showing how the simple testimony given by the seers in 1917 evolved into an elaborate web of "secrets", creating a credulous cult around Lucia while enhancing the influence of Fatima within the Church. The authors attribute all this to a deliberate Jesuit conspiracy, but if the evidence they present is correct, the more likely culprit is Lucia herself.

More work needs to be done to explain the obvious and suspicious discrepancies between what Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco told the authorities in 1917, and the extensive new details "revealed" by the increasingly powerful Lucia decades after her cousins were dead.


  1. I'm curious what parallels there are to UFO reports, especially given the correlation of UFO encounters and occult activity.

  2. Any good links to where I can find many of the problems with the visions of Fatima?


    2. Zipper778,

      Try these out:

    3. The main problem is that the apparitions are extremely poorly documented. The credible witnesses of the epoch of events are virtually zero. The favorable sources that exist date decades after the events and indicate an intentional arrangement with the addition of new elements.

      The first accounts of the seers contain unbelievable absurdities.

      The phenomenon appeared at a time of conflict between the monarchy and the birth of the secular republic and was instrumentalised against the republic. Later was promoted by the Catholic-fascist regime of Salazar and was instrumentalised against the communism of the ex-USSR.

      I am Portuguese and currently the phenomenon is discredited in Portuguese society even among the most educated Catholics. It is just a place of religious tourism and a source of great profit for the church.


  3. About the prophecy of October 13

    "On the thirteenth of October Our Lady will come alone?
    -St. Joseph also comes with the child, and peace will be granted to the world.
    Did she make any more revelations?
    -She declared that on the 13th she will make all the people believe that she really appears ..." (Interrogatories of Dr. Manuel Nunes Formigão, Doc. 7, 1917-09-27)

    Let's see:

    1) Of St. Joseph and the child no one saw the track except apparently Lucia.

    2) On that day the world was in full world war and continued for about more than a year. Therefore, if peace was granted to the world no one has seen it.

    3) Failed to make all the people believe that she appears. In fact, in that day many of the attendees went away complaining without seeing anything extraordinary and convincing.

    Conclusion: The prophecies for October 13 failed flatly. The alleged miracle of the sun was a failure in its purpose.

  4. Thanks for the links guys. I've always suspected that this apparation was fabricated but I wanted to see more than the propaganda driven Roman Catholic reports.