Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Richard Carrier is displeased


  1. "The Jesus Mythicist Dr Richard Carrier (PhD) has a bizarre obsession with proving his many critics are “liars”. Do a word search on his blog for “liar”, lies”, “lying” etc. and scores of his blog posts come up in the results – I stopped counting when I got to over 50 of them in which he accuses critics and opponents of being “liars” or “lying”. So I am in good company when he adds me to the long list of wicked “liars” who afflict him with criticism, given that he has said the same about Bart Ehrman, R. Joseph Hoffmann, Maurice Casey, Larry Hurtado, James F. McGrath and many, many more. It is worth pausing to consider that for a moment, because the arrogance of this is quite staggering. It is not merely that he disagrees with our positions. Nor are we simply wrong. Or even just incompetent. Or even stupid. No, he says we are actively lying when we disagree with him – as though the only way to assail his mighty ideas is by telling untruths, since the wonder of his scholarship is so patently manifest that it is only by lying that we can disagree with it. Frankly, I find that level of weird narcissism unfathomable."

    Minimally, I suspect Carrier is psychologically projecting when he calls others liars and suchlike.

    Moreover, it's possible Carrier has a personality disorder. I suspect he might have a Cluster B personality disorder (e.g. narcissistic, histrionic), but he'd need a psychiatric evaluation to determine that.

  2. Carrier's funny. Like a child, if he is not heard/taken seriously he starts throwing his toys out of the pram. But worse than a child, when he is challenged he regulary accuses the challenger of lying. His narcissistic, petulant behaviour is a thing to behold. One can only marvel at such a misplaced sense of self-importance.

    There can be no doubt that the internet has been of great benefit, but one of its many downsides is the regularity with which we see grown adults (in particular grown men) having meltdowns and hissy fits over nothing more than disagreements.

    The internet has laid bare the sensitivities and insecurities of so many. We all make mistakes, but the fact that so many on the internet never learn from (or even recognise) their unhinged, embarrassing behaviour is very disconcerting.

  3. Carrier never disappoints.