Friday, June 08, 2018

Reign of terror

"Is Jordan Peterson on a Suicide Mission?" by Grayson Quay.


  1. It is important to read the whole article. Both the article's title and your title were mis-leading. The only hope for the people who are not Christians, who are finding Peterson's book and lectures, youtube interviews, etc. helpful - is for them to turn to Christ, to keep them from clinical depression / insanity and / or something worse.

    That whole article was very insightful.

    The conclusion is good.

    Jordan Peterson understands that we may be too far gone. Either the entire Western world will slip beneath the sea of chaos never to resurface or, more likely given Peterson’s order/chaos dialectic, order will reassert itself with bloodshed. His exhortations to personal responsibility offer a middle way, but he understands better than anyone that his message may be too little too late.

    1. Yup, good article, best to read the whole thing. Thanks, Ken!

  2. The comments there paint the same rosy picture as the article. We're in for a ride.

  3. We are heading for what Jesus called the great tribulation.