Saturday, June 23, 2018

Interpreting Eden: A Guide to Faithfully Reading and Understanding Genesis 1-3

A ways off, but something to keep in mind:


  1. Sounds very interesting! Here's a table of contents:

    Introduction: The Need

    Part I: Basic Interpretive Principles
    1. God
    2. Interpretive Implications of God's Activity
    3. The Status of the Bible
    4. Interacting with Scientific Claims
    5. Three Modern Myths in Interpreting Genesis 1
    6. The Genre of Genesis
    7. Summary of Hermeneutical Principles

    Part II: Exegetical Concerns
    8. Correlations with Providence in Genesis 1
    9. The Water Above (Gen. 1:6–8)
    10. Correlations with Providence in Genesis 2–3

    Part III: Interpreting Genesis 1–3 as a Larger Whole
    11. Time in Genesis 1
    12. Implications for Modern Views of Genesis 1
    13. Attitudes and Expectations
    14. The Days of Genesis 1
    15. Factuality and Literalism


    Appendix A: Genesis 1:1 Is the First Event, Not a Summary
    Appendix B: The Meaning of Accommodation
    Appendix C: A Misunderstanding of Calvin on Genesis 1:6–8 and 1:5
    Appendix D: Multiple Interpretations of Ancient Texts

    1. I'm excited. To whet the appetite, regarding (11):

  2. Looking forward to it. I was leading church once and spoke about Dr Gerald Shroeders lecture how the Genesis account of creation is reconciled with the universe being 13 billion years old. Someone in church was very unhappy with me.

  3. Dr. Poythress has been publishing a great deal on this in the Westminster Theological Journal--a great deal of which I'm sure will be in this book (some of the chapter titles are titles of articles he published). Looking forward to this book!

  4. Here is a link to a blog post with links to Poythress' articles: