Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Medical and state tyranny

I recently wrote about Alfie Evans here.

Ben Shapiro has an article "Who Controls Your Kids' Lives?" that's gold.

Over 100 U.K. physicians have signed the following:

Press release, regarding Alfie Evans: Medical and State Tyranny
From the Medical Ethics Alliance
14.00pm 24th April 2018

We are deeply concerned and outraged by the treatment and care offered to Alfie Evans. Wanting to withdraw treatment so that he will die, the medical authorities have taken Alfie to the High Court. At that point, and as a result of the hospital’s court action, the parents were stripped of their right to be decision makers for their beloved child. They could only advise the Court and look on as the High Court made decisions for Alfie.

The High Court decided that it was in the “Best Interests “ of Alfie to die and duly authorized the withdrawal of treatment. As a result the parents are being tortured as they watch the hospital take actions expected to lead to his death.

Despite a viable alternative being available (namely transfer by air ambulance for further assessment to a specialist hospital in Rome), the hospital and doctors responsible for his care insists that he remains under their care and on a pathway towards death. While he now has some oxygen and some fluid this has taken huge effort to obtain for him. He is offered sedation although (we understand) this has not been given at present. Sedation (if given) would mean that he would develop respiratory failure and die even more quickly.

Actions such as these have now brought the Alder Hey Hospital to worldwide attention and by extension bring our whole profession into disrepute.

Medical tyranny must stop. Poor Alfie must not be killed in this way. We demand that the authorities to allow Alfie safe passage to Rome.

With respect we insist that with immediate effect the GMC investigate the actions of doctors providing his care. Surely the doctors should refuse to implement such a tyrannical decision and allow Alfie to go to Rome.


  1. This is nothing short of a scandal. I wrote the following on Facebook:

    'When the courts have the final say on whether or not your child (or any loved one) is worthy of healthcare, it's time to wake up and begin to ask some serious (and yet worryingly basic) moral and ethical questions. In any sane society it would be Alfie Evans' parents who ultimately get to decide what is in their child's best interests.

    When you give this power to the courts, then the state becomes draconian, tyrannical and arbitrary in the exercise of its power.

    Great Britain, once a free nation, now well on the path to self-destruction.'

    While I do not give a brass farthing about 'likes,' 'reactions,' or comments on my Facebook posts, it is instructive that the post received two 'reactions,' and these from two of my Christian brothers in America. And I have seen *nothing* on this story from my friends on Facebook.

    You see, something inevitable is going on here. A logical consequence of the demise of Christian values. While the secular and atheistic 'left' and 'right' like to rant and rave about their 'compassion' for all sorts of 'causes,' this case exposes their narcissistic 'Look at how compassionate I am!' for the transparent rhetrorical garbage it is. Ultimately, there is no intrinsic value to human life, and this is played out by the hospital's and courts' actions, and by the public's utter indifference to such a horrifying state of affairs. The liberal-left's (and to some extent the 'right''s) nauseating pseudo compassion for all sorts of 'causes' lies exposed. It is a search for meaning, for validation, for acceptance. And in an ultimately meaningless existence with no intrinsic value or worth to human life, it is exposed as vacuous in the extreme.

    The decline of Christian values, coupled with the rise of social media, has spawned a whole host of narcissists who use their phoney outrage and compassion to feed their search for meaning, attention and validation. But when the chips are down, and an Alfie Evans case comes along, we are largely greeted either with silence or support for the 'experts' over the right of the parents to decide what is best for their child.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Danny! Appreciated.