Monday, March 05, 2018

Clown society

Justin Trudeau has become a laughingstock. Although his father was a controversial, and even hated political figure, no one doubted that Pierre Trudeau was a smart savvy guy, whereas Justin is an airhead man-child. 

Mind you, I don't say that out of chauvinism. We had Obama for eight years. One weakness of liberals is how easily they are wowed by somebody with an Ivy League degree. Look at how Neil deGrasse Tyson is feted as a public intellectual. 

A mark of cultural decadence is when voters elect incompetent leaders. There are times and places where life is very hazardous. Where there's precious little margin for error. To survive, you need to be on the ball all the time.

However, some countries develop a lot of insulation. They have a lot in reserve. That lulls many voters into a false sense of security. That competence doesn't matter. Inept voters electing inept officials. But that's a gamble, and good luck is bound to run out if you keep drawing down the reserves, if you keep promoting dangerous policies. There's only so much a country can absorb before there's no more insulation to buffer the cumulative incompetence. 

We have young people who are so out of touch with reality that they swallow Tide pods. Can you imagine their survival skills in the wild? 

There's a day of reckoning for voters who keep empowering inept policymakers. The country becomes increasingly vulnerable. 

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