Friday, December 01, 2017

Understanding And Arguing For Luke's Census Account

I've written a few posts this week on Facebook about the historicity of Luke's census:

Does Luke Claim That Quirinius Was Governor When Jesus Was Born?

How Acts 5:37 Suggests That Luke Was Aware That The Census Of 6 A.D. Was Different Than The Census At The Time Of Jesus' Birth

Internal Evidence For Luke's Account


  1. Honestly, I don't trust Facebook comments to last very long or be easily accessible. Facebook is constantly changing. I recommend you copy and paste your comments into this or another blogpost. Especially since you made some great observations from the Biblical text. It'd be a shame for them to be lost.

    Also, remember that when one copies and pastes from Facebook the urls are cut off.


      You're right about Facebook's unreliability. I typically have some sort of backup for what I post there (the full text of the post, the notes behind it, etc.). Some of the details included in the census posts linked above haven't been posted at Triablogue, but most of the material has been.

      Thanks for the suggestions and the encouragement!