Friday, December 23, 2016

Is it wrong for Christians to celebrate Christmas?

Some professing Christians say it's wrong to celebrate Christmas due to it's supposedly a pagan roots. Others say it's wrong due to its Catholic associations.

Putting aside the dubious historical claims, it's odd that some professing Christians think pagans should have a permanent lock on certain days of the calendar. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that date of Christians was originally the date of a pagan holiday. How does it follow that Christians are not allowed to reclaim that day for Jesus? Are we not free to celebrate Jesus on days that used to be pagan festivals? Doesn't Jesus supersede heathenism? Doesn't Jesus have the right to supplant paganism? 

Same thing with the Catholic background. If the church of Rome has traditional holidays, does that mean those days are forever off-limits to evangelical worshipers? Who said those days are reserved for Roman Catholics? Aren't all days God's days? Doesn't time ultimately belong to God? 

If members of a false religion have traditional holidays, aren't they squatters? Is it not the Christian prerogative to take back what they purloined? Let's recover the calendar for Jesus. Everyday is a fit day to worship God. Let's redeem what usurpers defrauded. 

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