Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The culture of the smug white liberal



  1. After reading the article, I thought of a great subtitle for it: "From the Viewpoint of a Professional Victim." One would think that black men were randomly incarcerated rather than behaving criminally in the first place, that the fractured black family - a result of policies hatched by the same smug white liberals blacks reflexively vote for - is amenable to repair by some new government policy, and that bad stuff just "happens" to blacks rather than results from their own choices.

    Nikki is spot on about campus white liberal ton-ton macoutes, but seems little exercised by it; I guess as long as they don't turn against her folk than it's just collateral damage int he culture wars. IOW she won't stand up for others but expects others to stand up for her and hers. Meanwhile she will continue to vote Demonocrat in the City of Brotherly Love, where death is no barrier to voting, and so said Femonocrats will continue to take her and vote for granted while being smug white liberals.

  2. Aren't liberals cute when they finally learn a little something?