Monday, August 01, 2016

Catholic crisis management

But bit by bit, any idealism I had was just shredded. Some priests, at least by reputation, were not real vigorous in observing their vows of celibacy In some cases, we knew, or at least the report was, that they were caught doing something with altar boys. If it was two priests, they would be separated and reassigned. The attitude seemed to be, "Well, we'll just cover this up." But if you were having an affair with a woman, that could be dangerous. It might end up with a child-support suit and things like that, so that was not tolerated. They would be disciplined, very severely. D. Dennett & L. LaScola, Caught in the Pulpit (2013), 128. 

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  1. Stupid question: what would Aquinas think about the policy of punishing adultery more harshly than celibacy?

    He was a RCC priest, but I'd think he'd regard pederasty as a teleological error, but not adultery, so that it would be more appropriate for the former should be punished more harshly.