Saturday, July 23, 2016

A vote for Trump is a Democrat vote

Trump supporters like to say not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary. There is, however, another way of putting it: a vote for Trump is a Democrat vote. This November, you can either vote for a Democrat (Hillary), or you can vote for a Democrat (Trump). 

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  1. Hello Mr Hays;
    This week I have become worried that to vote for Trump would discredit the world view that I have with its conservative particulars. He would not advance the conversation with the naive modernist, to argue for birth and cell gender identification.

    Male and female is on a continuum of behaviors. I maintain that feeling happy or unhappy in relation to comments, other people's viewpoints, is not the way to find truth. Just because modern culture gender warriors would like for us to think like they do, and find us not accepting their terms does not make us a bigot. Further demagoguery claims that conservatism is hurtful, even violence against them. (They should stop that!)

    Trump could play the bigot and discredit the worldview in play.

    There are other issues that Trump could tarnish that intelligent people could prioritize their votes to support.

    I realize that you, Steve, have sometimes accepted half-step improvements in the vital issues that interest conservative, (and Christian) voters.

    My non-conservative concern is that I wish our American businesses could do business in their own expertise and not have to also provide healthcare to their workers as a part of their business plan. (We compete against other global businesses who do not have to provide health care.)

    So, if I vote for Hillary for an American style national health care system, can I speak up enough in the coming years to get the social tyranny to back off? I wonder.

    [Rob A., now in a southern PCUSA church that is so upset with the national denomination that people do not give enough in the offering to do much missions. -Certainly not the national mission board-]