Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tone Police on Journalistic Propriety: “Screechy Here Lately”

Tone Police: “Totally inappropriate
 to show a picture like this”
OFFICIAL: Triablogue has been cited by the Official Tone Police for “screechiness”, “salacious gossip” and being “pretty darned bad” with its tone and language lately. Proper Christians are advised to avoid this blog as a way of avoiding sullying theirselves with such worldly topics. Why, let’s just look at some of the recent headlines (never mind the content of the artices!): “The Islamic Rape of Europe”; Trump: “How I’ve Avoided STDs All These Years”; Pope John Paul II Photographed in his Underwear with a Woman; and Let’s Drop a Nuclear Bomb Every Day on Trump.

“This is a blog where they have constructed a natural-law ethic for male promiscuity. They have a whole category devoted to ‘The Roman Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal’. And in fact, they have even talked about ‘masturbation’,” the Tone Police said.

“In my opinion this whole blog not only fails in Christian terms, it fails in intellectual terms, and it also fails in terms of wisdom and experience of human relationships,” the Tone Police said in their official citation. “There is no place at all for these kinds of things in a Christian blog.”


  1. ...and we wonder why the church is so feminized. You folks should be feeling affirmed by getting the right enemies.

    1. McGrew is hardly one of "the right enemies."

    2. Tone-policing is enemy behavior, all else aside.

    3. I have to side with Schultz and McGrew here. Tone-policing shouldn't be automatically labeled as "enemy behavior" because sometimes a person's tone is out of order. But actually the dispute in question wasn't just over one's *tone* but over the substance of what was being said or implied about another person (the pope).

    4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the substance of the original post.

    5. I have been reading this blog for several,years and Imhave yet to see anything remotely resembling impropriety, salaciousness, ridicule, or any other uncharitable/un-Christian communication from any staff blogger. I have seen mature analysis of mature topics intended for a mature audience, and am glad to see such topics so adroitly handled from a Christian perspective. Tone policing from self-appointed guardians of the common weal is nothing more than an evanjellyfish equivalent of the sort of PC thought policing my collegiate children have to endure, and there's no place for that in serious Christianity.