Friday, January 08, 2016

Another round on the same God controversy

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  1. One issue that I do not see discussed but potentially has application is:

    ~~> Do Christians, Muslims and Hindus worship the same God?

    Of the 6 systems(darsanas) of Hindu Philosophy, Vedanta is the most popular. Advaita Vedanta has been popularized by the likes of Swami Vivekananda and S.Radhakrishnan, etc.

    Now these folks and many other Vedantins, esp. Vivekananda would say "Yes. Hindus are monotheists.* And we worship the same God."

    And it goes without saying that there are problems with this. I suspect that you can take all the pro-Allah=Yahweh arguments and apply them here also saying in effect that Brahman = Allah = Yahweh. I think we would go in the direction of a reductio. The same fudge that Vedantins use to produce their equivalence could be used here.

    *For lack of better words, I use the clunky phrase "Pluriform Monotheism" to describe this.

    ~ Raj