Tuesday, October 06, 2015

God, goodness, and experience

Experience has little to do with it

Roger Olson
However...if monergism is true AND there is an eternal hell, then...as I always say, God is a moral monster (because he could save everyone and doesn't). My reason for believing in synergism has little to do with experience; it is all about the character of God. 

It's all comes down to experience

Roger Olson
However, I do not think there is any rational proof of God's goodness. I agree with Pascal, Kierkegaard and Coleridge (not exactly intellectual slouches) who all said (in their own ways) that the only proof of Christianity is in the experience of it

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  1. Steve:

    Thanks for catching that glaring contradiction. Not only does he contradict himself ...

    Olsen apparently doesn't believe that the sinners of the earth justly deserve God's wrath? He speaks as if God should be obligated to save sinners. Monergism simply means he has mercy on some ill-deserving sinners who otherwise justly deserved eternal destruction. If God were obligated to save any of them it would no longer be salvation by grace but due to some other consideration.