Sunday, September 27, 2015

Carson kerfuffle

Ben Carson is hardly my first pick for prez. However, the typical reaction to his Muslim president comment reflects a characteristic chasm between the political elite and the rank-and-file. I seriously doubt most conservative voters had any problem with his answer.


  1. Carson is so serene that I can't imagine him leading the American people and military in a time of war. He's too nice to be the president of the most powerful nation on Earth. His niceness makes me think he's probably too innocent, naive and unsophisticated to be POTUS. He's a bookworm. He doesn't have enough street smarts that you can really only get from the lessons of sin. Sin in one's own life and the life of others. He probably hasn't rubbed shoulders enough with really evil, manipulative and scheming folk you can find in politics. The politicians he'll have to deal with will eat him up. Especially out of envy that he's the POTUS and they're not, when they believe they're more worthy. Think of Haman's hatred toward innocent Mordecai. He'll be perceived by people in congress as a pushover (rightly or wrongly). Politicians try to take advantage of folks they think can't or won't retaliate because of their personality, philosophy and scruples. Perception can be the difference between war and peace. He's not threatening enough. Hillary Clinton is more threatening than Ben Carson. She's wildly characterized by the most pejorative term for a female that starts with a "c."

    I'm not saying Carson isn't a sinner. Of course he is. But Seventh Day Adventists often live in a very sheltered environment because of their legalistic theology. I know because I have family members who are SDA and I was partly raised SDA for a year by my aunt. Sometimes God uses great former sinners who have repented because they learned lessons as sinners which prepared them for the great work God planned for them. In that sense, I don't think Carson is the right material for POTUS.

    1. There are different groups within SDA. Some are virtually Evangelical in that they believe and teach sola fide, others are more cultic, others are more liberal. I don't know where Carson belongs and so I can't guess at his state of grace. However, he does have the temperament to be a doctor. God seems to have prepared him for that. He seems to be overreaching by running for POTUS either out of pride or naiveté or both.

    2. BTW, the exact opposite of some of the reasons above is what makes Trump a bad candidate for POTUS.

    3. typo correction: "She's wildly characterized" should be "She's widely characterized." Though, "wildly" might work too. heh