Friday, August 28, 2015

William Lane Craig On Extraordinary Claims, Dwindling Probabilities

Here's the audio from one of William Lane Craig's Defenders classes several years ago (series 1, section 13, part 17), in which he discusses the idea that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and the notion of dwindling probabilities. Both issues are often brought up by skeptics. I've even seen an Eastern Orthodox appeal to the concept of dwindling probabilities to suggest that we can't rely on a historical argument for the canon of scripture. Craig's discussion of dwindling probabilities includes some comments about an exchange he had on the subject with Alvin Plantinga. Craig also brings up some helpful illustrations on both topics, extraordinary claims and dwindling probabilities. A lot of good points are made. I recommend listening to the whole thing. It's only a little more than half an hour long.

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