Sunday, July 19, 2015


I skimmed the recent Dr. Drew segment where Ben Shapiro was a guest. As an Orthodox Jew, he was the only normal person on the panel. The only person with common sense views. It's an ideological freak show. 

The producers deliberately sat him right next to a transgender man with dyed hair (or a blond wig) and falsies who threatened to physically assault Shapiro. Considering  the fact that Shapiro is a graduate of Harvard law school, I don't think that's very smart. 

Shapiro is articulate and made some good points, which is very challenging when all the other panelists gang up on you. 

You have to be a bit pushy and punchy to get a word in edgewise in that antagonistic screamfest. It's commendable that men like Ben Shapiro, James White, Michael Brown, Robert Gagnon, and Ryan Anderson put themselves in the line of fire. 

As a side note, Shapiro once remarked that:

I’ve never experienced anti-Semitism with folks on the right. They’re always very warm and interested. I remember I was once speaking in Iowa [for a Christian group] and before I spoke, I was davening in my room. They called and asked, “How is it going?” I said, “Just give me three minutes, I have to finish davening.” And they said, “Oh, do you have phylacteries? Can we come up and see them?” I said, “Sure.” So here I was in the middle of Iowa showing evangelical Christians how to wrap tefillin.

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